+ wishing for the stars +

A little girl sat on the hilltop looking at the beautiful scenery right below of her. The lights illuminating from the houses in the small village were extraordinary. When she glanced towards the skies, there were thousands of stars shining just above her head. She secretly wished that she could touch the sky only to grab for a few of those stars and keep them to herself. Imagine how beautiful a life could be if you have your own shining stars. Without realizing, drops of tears fell down her cheeks. She didn't bother to wipe them away, she didn't have to. Here, in her own world, no one can see her, no one can label her as weak. In this world of her, she was lonely. She had always been alone in her whole life but why suddenly the thought pained her too much? She couldn't understand it but she wished the stars could give her the answer.

x deez x
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