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I always know that I am a complex person. I always make things complicated. Easy simple things are made complicated when it comes to me. That is just the way I operate. It eats me most of the time, but I never know how to keep things simple and easy. Believe me, I've tried, but I was never able to. Things in my head are always jumbled and come in complex forms. Is there any way to make me less complicated?

*situation 1*
Kawan: Weh, jom pegi makan
Me: Jom... nak makan kat mane?
Kawan: McD jom!
Me: Ala, 2 hari lepas dah makan McD
Kawan: Abes nak makan kat mane?
Me: Ntah, tatau
Kawan: KFC nak?
Me: X nak
Kawan: Burger King?
Me: Bosan
Kawan: Mamak?
Me: Hmmm...
Kawan: Mane2 la... aku lapar ni
Me: Kau pegi la, aku x boleh nak decide la!

*situation 2*
You: Jom pegi jalan2
Me: Mane?
You: Genting
Me: I tengah sengkek la
You: Tak pe, I belanja you
Me: Eh, tak nak, mane leh camtu
You: Tapi I nak jalan2 ngan you
Me: Dekat2 sudah
You: Dekat2 kite slalu pegi... tak pernah kite nak pegi vacation
Me: Lain kali la you, bile I da ade duit sket k
You: Ala, I don't mind
Me: I x nak!

*situaion 3*
Kamu: You look nice today
Me: Thank you
Kamu: Seriously
Me: Thanks. Dah!
Kamu: Orang puji pun marah?
Me: What do you want me to say? I don't like compliment
Kamu: Ok Sorry
Me: Don't say sorry. You didn't do nothing wrong
Kamu: What?

*situation 4*
Someone: I like you
Me: [laughs]
Someone: Ape?
Me: [laughs]
Someone: Awak ni kenape?
Me: Kite kawan
Someone: So, I like you
Me: [laughs] ok, I like you too
Someone: No, I mean, I like you 'like' you
Me: Bullshit you do [laughs]

And everyone wonder I am 24 and I never know how it feels like to know someone like me.. It's silly, and tiring and not mentioning FRUSTRATING, but I tend to not be able to believe what people say. I miss interpret a lot too. I'm doomed.

x deez x
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