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Watch this.. heartbreaking!

Rwanda: Do Scars Ever Fade?

In 1994, the small African country of Rwanda was awash in blood. Extremists in the majority Hutu-controlled government organized a systematic genocide of Rwanda's minority Tutsi population. In just 100 days, more than 800,000 were killed. The atrocity was halted a decade ago, but for Rwandans the ordeal does not yet have an ending. Today, the physical scars sustained by survivors are fading, but emotional scars remain. Rwanda—Do Scars Ever Fade? explores the country's turbulent pre-genocide history, the horrifying 1994 slaughter and the difficult ten-year, post-genocide period during which the current government has embarked upon an ambitious effort aimed at reconciliation. The program grapples with a perplexing question: How does a country haunted by the scourge of its past recover?

Damn, it make me feel very thankful that no such thing exist in our country. How does it feel to wake up every morning wondering if that'd be the day someone will hit you or stab you to death? It's a fucking scary thought. I mean I know there's wars happening everywhere in this world but actually seeing this is truly heartbreaking. I wish there's something we could do. I mean, concerning all the wars where thousands of innocences dies. I don't want to sound cheesy or anything but this is just sad.

You know what, I think, first and foremost, we could start with RESPECT. Respect towards each other, respect towards everyone.

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