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I went out with my precious little girl yesterday. We spent he day at KLCC (which was swamped) and we had tons of fun. We hadn't went out together for a long time and it was good to spend time together. The only bad thing out of it was that now I'm missing my ALONG so much. Damn, she isn't married yet but I barely see her these days, imagine when she did finally get married! I know, sound childish but I do miss her a lot. We used to do everything together. Don't get me wrong though, I AM HAPPY THAT SHE IS GETTING MARRIED AND HAPPY. I just wish we could spend some more time together. That's it. :p I'm being over dramatic again.

We watched MEET THE SPARTANS yesterday. It was a funny movie; stupid, yet funny. :D Like all the other Scary Movies installment, it was hilarious, we had a good laugh watching the movie.

However, i fell in love twice yesterday. Once with a guy I saw in the same cinema where we watched the movie and 2nd on the train on our way home. The Englishman kept glancing at us (perasan seh), I wondered when he would asked for my number. :p DIDN'T HAPPEN but imagining was fun. And when he flashed me a smile, Ifell in love there and then. But I got over it too. :P It was a fun day.

Some pictures from yesterday!

I really am going to miss her when she go to college! *sobs*

x deez x
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