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KUDOS = means "fame" and "renown" resulting from an act or achievement

The reason? I've been bored and I downloaded Kudos Rock Legend to play and it was addicting. Heck though, I couldn't find the crack to unlock the game and I am currently looking for them (any crack, serial, unlock codes) very actively. Help anyone?

I had some uneventful days not worth writing for this past week. I have nothing good to say today either. I however, went to see Paris, je taime (I love you) which was an awesome movie. Despite watching it alone (yes, I am aware some of you have better things to do, most of you works and some need to go to classes... I understand! Pfftt.. :p), I enjoyed the movie very much. It was one of a kind movie. My deep passion for French language was also why the movie felt so awesome to me. The poster is gorgeous too. Though, the Malaysian version is a bit more yellow than the original piece. I recommend this movie to everyone. Even if you don't really like foreign movies, this one is different. It teach you a lot. Mostly about love. I learned today (by watching the movie) the pureness of love, the understanding of love, the way one fall in love, the nondiscriminatory in love and how love and feeling could be misinterpreted by others. I know i sound sappy, so deal with it! :p It is a good movie though. I swear!

On the other hand, I bought myself a new book! Yay! I haven't treated myself for a new books for ages. Huhu. Betul seh! :p Anyway, the book is titled THE BIG HAPPY written by Scott Mebus. I've seen this guy work a couple of times but hadn't really read anything from him yet. So, I am going to stop here and go enjoy the book. Tell ya about it later.

Take Care ya'all.

x deez x

Oh, and by the way, I am not going to ever let you comment on this blog, so don't ask me anything concerning commenting. It's my blog and I'll say what ever I want to, and if you have any comment (good or bad), please please please keep it to yourself. I'll love you for it! :)

If you can't, stop reading the damn blog k :)
Or better yet, start your own! :)
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