Read if you are over 18. Explicit words and excessive cursing involved.

Indeed..! What the fuck? Chelsea just lost to Tottenham for the Carling Cup! What? How? I mean how in the world could that happen? DAMN! Not to be demeaning or anything towards Tottenham and their fans, but Oh My God! First of all, Avram... What the hell are you thinking? I am not an expert, I am just a fan, but my God.. what the hell was Anelka doing on the pitch? Fucking nothing! I swear to God i ought to go kick him in the butt and try to make him run a little bit more. Oh and HELLO! Why the hell was Joe Cole wasn't played in the beginning? Gosh, he could do so much for the team... I know that, you know that, every Chelsea fan knows that! You stupid moron! He warmed up for about 15 minutes after the game started! You heartless, emotionless bastard! Dumbass! I am not gonna start with Ballack. God! That's infuriating!I swear I am having a very hard time about this. Fuck! I'm done with soccer. (I've said that thousands times before) *sigh* It's pretty darn tiring. I need some rest. Being a soccer fan is hard work.

Ps: to whomever that feels the need to diss me for the lost of Chelsea in Carling Cup, you could do so, I don't want to care anymore. I give you all 3 days before I recovers and talk back. Thank you.

x deez x
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