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I'm back. Eh, I have nothing better to do. You know your head is not right when you're listening to Mika's album again and again. I like his songs though, they are different and refreshing. odd enough, it seem to be a bit too o-sound-clickity (wtf?) to my liking at the beginning, but after some times, I like them songs. :p Laugh, I don't care. He is one unique character, very creative and I like it! OK, I'm officially out of my mind. lol. But can you blame me? Really? :)

Ain't he sweet? All right, back to matters in hand. I still am doing nothing, still residence permenantly in my room with occasional departure to get myself something to eat. Hey, a girl have to eat k, regardless anything. Anyway, I realized, as much as my head is cluttered, my room is also so very cluttered. There are tons and tons of things that I don't really need in here. I am a collector, of EVERYTHING, and well, result in the clutter in my room. But, in that aspect, you know what, I won't change it for a thing! I like my cluttered spaces in the room. I just wish I got more space in my head too. :p Anyway, posting of evidences pictures of how cluttered (& messy) my room is. Sharing with the little one too.

3 tables with too many things on them. Don't even have space for anything else. Oh, and yes, we love bottles, it drives us crazie! :)

Again, stuffs on the tables. Heh. The books though, all the books in the room are possibly our most valuable possession to date. We are proud of our book collection so far. We also tend to keep pictures of random people that we want to meet in frames. We don't have a single picture of families and friends in frames, just famous people we are obsessed with. Believe me, it is needed to get on with life, if you are anything like me. Nothing creepy, just helping in the self-motivation area.

Like always, I like to doodle anywhere I can, and evidently, home is no exception. That was marker on the table, should have seen how furious my mom was. Also, should see how mad she was when I doodle on he bedsheets. It is just something I do. The wall; even the walls are cluttered eh? take pride in that! What can I say, as you know; I AM A TEDDY-BEAR JUNKIE! Sue me! :p

Well, that's about it. Be honored to see this cause none of my friends even get a chance to be in any of my room ever! A glimpse is enough making you not want to be in here right? This actually cleared my head a little. Funny how things work out right? :) Need a nap.

x deez x

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