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Hah... heya all. Long time no see... And who's fault is that? Entirely mine.

I can't sleep, thus this entry. It's 5 in the fuckin morning!

This time, I plead guilty of INSANITY, again to the floor of juries. SORRY.

I had been 'sick' these couple of days. Who would have thought right? I know, I know, you all are going "here we go again". This time, it's my problem and mine only. I swear. I am all better now. Thank you. And sorry again. Forgive me? *pout lips* Puhhlessseeee? :p

I have nothing better to do and to take my mind off of things unnecessary to be thought of, I keep my hand and mind busy with the laptop. Thank God for the creation of laptops eh? Who know where I'd be right now without the laptop. But, with my determination to not think, (which really, a big flaws to me as much as I don't want to) so, I get back in touch with my Photoshop skills. Bare in mind I haven't touch that software for years. I wish I could install Maya, but this old laptop wouldn't be able to handle the stress. Truth be told, I won't too. :D Anyway, playing with Photoshop, take me back to my times with Joe (the tutor, not the punk). I asked him once to teach me to do vector. "You are a 3D artist, what the hell do you need to learn vectoring for? You better take time in doing your character rigging which may I say needs a lot of work for your part" he protested me, not because he didn't want to teach me, it just that I was wayyyy behind with my assignment at that time. With my ever so lazy attitude I answered him, "Well, I am fascinated with 2D and vectoring at this moment. Just show me would ya? I swear tonight, I'll work my ass off doing my rigging and show it to you tomorrow". He knew I wouldn't get out of his office until he taught me how to do vectors, so we spend a whole hour learning how to do vector. I was satisfied, he was a good teacher, and I knew the basic things for vectoring from there. Keeping my promise, that night, I started with my rigging and works loads up afters leaving me no time in trying my vectoring skill anyhow. So, with lots of time in my hand right now, I tried vectoring. The outcome was nowhere near good, but my head was cluttered (still am cluttered) so I think, this was a good first try. I like doing vectors. Keep in mind, I never ever do this before, so I know it suck. But, I'm happy with it.

I have no title for it. Figures! :p
Anyway, I think that is all for now. Again, I would extend my deepest sorry. Why do I feel the need to apologize? Man...! I'm turning into a softie. Damn it! Huh!

~I know it is scary to know that I actually remember words by words what Joe and I were saying in his office about 4 years ago. I have way too much time in my hands. Oh, and I never forgot... that's about it~


x deez x

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