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Not much had to be said this past week.

It was voting week. I didn't vote. Why? I'm clueless when it comes to politic. I never knew which one is the good party which ones aren't. They all promise a lot of things so, really, I don't know, I don't understand and I don't want to make a decision. But, to whomever who know what they want in politic, good job for voting. Power t the people.

I have a boring week but my head is not as messed up. Everything seem to come to a halt and I'm glad for that.

SPM result will be out tomorrow. I think I am more nervous than my little sister is.

Both Manchester United and Chelsea are out from the FA cup title chase. Fuck it! Stuttgart trashed Werder Bremen 6-3 in Bundesliga in one of the most exciting game I've seen for a while. It was good, and seeing Werder lost was a bonus. I still have much faith for Bayern.

I miss my friends. Can't wait for college to start again. Not looking forward to exam result though. It might blow.

Everyone is getting married. Cousins, friends, uncles, aunties and apparently all people are capable of talking about these days are marriage. 'Tema kawin kaler aper?' 'Baju tempah kat mane?' 'Bunga telur nak berape?' 'Besanding nak buat kat mane?' 'Katering amik sape?' Well, you know what, I don't fucking care! Geez. I am selfish, but aren't you tired of talking about it? Damn, now I know how guys feel most of the time when their fiancee start talking about marriage preparation. I am suffocated. Cause by the end of all that conversations will submerge the question that concern me, 'When is your turn going to be?' Gah! Can people just leave me alone? Oh, and if I were to get married, it will be a small kind of wedding, me, my husband, my close families and his close families. Not more than 30 people will be involve and I don't want to spend money on it. Got it? Kapeesh!

On the other news, I am getting fatter by the minute. wouldn't you be when all you do is sits at home, watching TV, do some online stuffs, eats and sleep? You would! DAMN!

That's all for now. Till next time, Tata.

x deez x
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