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Once upon a time, there was a girl by the name of Ren.Dee. She was one strange girl. She live in an urban world yet her place was dramatically torn and in serious need of reconstruction.

She would love to work in food and beverage hospitality area for money.

She was generally not a very jolly person, but there was her little sister that could always make her smile.

She was super tight with her little sister and they do stupid things together. For instance, they once played gettho girls and they had a wonderful time.

She also loved to eat and hang out with little numbers of her friends.

Ren.Dee could never hold a relationship cause she was a very confusing girl.

However, there were times when she did want to have a relationship. Especially, when she started thinking about having Matt Shadow as a husband and a kid along the way.

She thought that the fairy tale would never happen to her and keep living her days feeling her dream was slipping away from her.

One day, while she was in a bookstore for books she couldn't really afford, she met with the most handsome person she had never laid her eyes on. He was very charming, funny, childish and goofy all at the same time. He asked her out and she agreed. They went out for some luxurious dinner.

He rented a whole cinema so they could watched the movie together, only the both of them.

Everything was perfect and in time they finally fell in love. Ren.Dee is currently living with her very awesome boyfriend Bert McCracken and she is happy and in love.

She couldn't believe her luck. Good things do come to those who wait. They live in Bert's apartment in Utah with their two little kittens and they are expecting a baby boy soon.

They are naming the boy Micheal.

Hehe. I will be going back tomorrow. No internet connection again. So, I decided to make a much interesing post for one last time. So you'll not miss me. Lol. I know, you are not going to but hell, I just want to post something fun. I hope you enjoy that. :D

ps: I don't own any of the story. It is purely fictional and if your picture is up there and you don't want me to put it on, sorry! I'll not use them if you don't want me to, so holla at me ya.
Till later, adios.

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