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First and foremost, great layout design! Mika much? :D Thanks to suckmylolly.com for the free layout.

On with things. It had been a good productive week for me. Being back to school clear my head up. Even tough I got one sucky lecturer that keep getting in my nerve (really, what is her problem with me?) - she kept trying to find something wrong that I did when really, all I was trying to do was ignore her all together. I don't know what her problem is. I have to see her everyday for the next 2 months. God, have mercy!

Anyway, I went to Carrier Fair last weekend and even though there wasn't many opening for the hospitality fields, I had fun. There were such many people that seemed driven to do something with their lives. We all know that smart peoples turn me on. Lol. :D

Been spending most of my time with the girls this week. It occur to me that my friends really love to go shopping. I don't mind, as a matter of fact, just spending time with peoples are making me less grumpy. So, I have no complaint. Though, we did get dooped when we walked through the heavy rain to a location which supposed to be a warehouse sale. Turned out, it was a boring sale with nothing good at all. We almost get pneumonias for nothing! Damn you false advertising!

On the other hand, I bumped into an old 'flame' (if you may call it) of mine. Huh... Old feelings were hard on me. Lol. I remembered him being all charming and cute but my God! he is now a gazillion times better than he was. I was speechless. Haha.... typical me, No? I wanted to smacked him on the head for still being charming and that sweet-talking? God damn it; he could just kill me really. *sigh* *face slap* I should wake up! But, if he got any chubbier and cuter, I definitely am going to go ga-ga again. I am stupid. :D First my own lecturer, now this. I should really find myself a guy. HAHAHA! Boyfreind application now opens. ANYBODY? :p

I've been rambling long enough. I have some work to do. So, good day!

O, and I wanted to use Celcom Broadband from now on. Wonder if it's any good.

x deez x
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