survey 2

a aaawesome awesome survey <33
-lets talk about yerself...
you must have a name, what is it?:deez
and how old did you say you are?:23
what color is your hair?:black
hows that workin for you?:i like it
what color eyes do you got?:black
what is your weight?:54 kgs
happy with that?:no.. no.. no..
how tall are you?:i don't know
is that too tall or not tall enough... or just rite!?:not right
-lets talk...friends!...
who is your best friend?:renren
why?:she's always there
have you ever kissed them?:no
how long have you known this person?:all my life
do you tell this person everything?:not everything, have to keep something 2 yourself
if not, then who do you tell?:evrything that's ok to tell
is he/she mean?:no
are they pretty?:yes
would you die for them?:yes
why or why not?:cause she would for me
what color is their hair?:black
-which friend is the most...
-back to your bestfriend...
would you ever get drunk with this person?:no
what is the best memory with this person?:her graduation
and the worst is...:me quitting college
is this person older than you?:yes
if he/she told you to shoot yourself in the foot...would you?:yes
do you trust this person over every other one of your friends?:yes
are you this persons best friend?:i'd like to think so
do they "drink" the "good stuff"?:no
discribe your relationship with this person?:tight
do you pick on this person?:yes
are you guys mean to others?:sometimes
what is the funniest thing that has happen to you guys?:a lot of things
to you guys constantly fight?:no
do you fight at all??:yes
if you had a million dollars, would you give it to them?:half of it
do you let this person walk all over you?:no
does this person walk all over you?:no
do you boss this person around?:no
does this person boss you around?:no
would you do anything for this person?:yes
could you live with this person?:yes
how do you guys feel about gay rights?:i'm fine with it, she is too
just how crazy are you guys?:not too crazy, just enough :D
what is the best thing to do with this person?:hang out
why?:we had fun together
would you kill for this person?:yes
-enough of that...what comes to mind when you hear...
im the homosexual way-:would you sleep with me then?
i like beer-:okay
whiskey baby!-:whiskey have babies? o_0
your ex's name-:miz
golf sucks-:true
i like to party-:hard!
make-out bandit-:extinct?
songs from the 30's-:they have songs back then?
the annoying noise the car makes, when the door is open-:not my car
kobe is the best play in the NBA-:really?
tree huggers-:love 'em
hookers-:big boobs
country music-:yuck!
-finish the sentence...
my friends are...:awesomw
beer is...:smelly
i hate it when...:i can't sleep
i love all...:good foods
i hate having...:cramps
i love people that...:don't judge others
i hate peole that...:annoy me
i have the greatest...:family
i have the worst...:bones
i make lots of...:sounds
i spend most of my time...:daydreaming
im always...:punctual
i make the best...:pudding
i will make your life...:interesting
my life be like...:you
i will do almost anything...:to marry david cook
my parties are...:slow
my personality is...:rockin'
people think of me as...:the responsible one
i will never be able to...:fly
im best at doing...:my job
my favorite kind of music is...:rock
i hate playing...:bowling
-discribe each of these "topics" in ONE word...:
emo people.:love 'em hairs
serial sexers.:as long as they are happy
homless people.:awee
annorexia.:really now?
sports:life would b boring without sports
your ex.:cute
your best friend.:love her
your worst enemy.:can rot in hell
your mom.:sweet
your dad.:nice
your grandparents.:stupid
hunting.:please don't
cooking.:good when you are hungry
steve nash.:big
kobe bryant.:never seen him play
randy moss.:who?
your shoes.:smokin' hot
the shirt you wore today.:black
the last person you kissed.:o_0
the last person you held hands with.:i want him!
-use the first letter of your first name to answer the type of..
store-:rug stores?
tv show-:r....?
song-:razorblades & handgrenades - Josiah
artist-:ricky martin? lol
nba player-:ronny turiaf
nfl player-:rod woodson
-tell me.. would you ever..
kiss the same sex?:probably not
play strip poker?:maybe
kiss your ex again?:no
give your life for someone?:yes
change for someone or something?:yes
make up a lie about someone else, to save yerself?:yes
kill the person you hate?:yes yes yes
have sex for the fun of it?:no
french kiss a dog?:no
run down the street nude?:no
get drunk?:no
play dirty with your friends?:yes
want to meet T.O.?:yes?
make out with you best friends bf if you were sure they wouldnt find out?:no
cut yourself?:no
who was your last text from?:Faiz
what did it say?:he would like to join the event
what did your reply say?:that would b awesome
person that called you?:apiz
person you called?:Zeck
kiss?:oh wow... Kenny
drink?:home made coffee
time you cried?:yesterday
person you hugged?:didi
said goodbye to?:zeck
who was the last person u told you loved them?:renren
time you ate?:2 hours before
-put your ipod on shuffle and use the songs-in order they come-to discribe.
my life is...:funny
my family is...:annoying
my attitude is...:mellow
my current relationship status...:HELLO??? :D finding
the look on life...:bizzare! - NFG came up - the king of wishful thinking!
my theme song...:To RUN - Josiah Leming
my best friends theme song...:Dream Big - David Cook
other people see my theme song as...:wierd - Eleanor Rigby
wedding song...:Le Vent Nous Portera
funeral song...:Beat It - FOB (lol)
moms song...:Viva La Vida - Coldplay
dads song...:Heartbreaker -
life song...:Here In My Home - Various Artists
my personality...:With you - C.Brown
my love song...:Grace Kelly - MIKA
i listen to these songs when im feeling...
sad...:Nine In The Afternoon - PATD
mad...:Anyone Else But You - Juno Soundtrack
happy...:Creep - Radiohead
excited...:beautiful Love - The Afters
dirty...:Lollipop - MIKA (HAHAHAHAHA)
pissed off!...:Homecoming - Kanye West (WTF!)
loved...:What About Now - Daughtry
sexy...:I'm Alive - David Cook
amazing...:Hungry Like The Wolf - David Cook
like i can take on anything...:You Belong To me - Jason Wade
heartbroken...:Cinderella Story - Plain White T's
chill...:Time After Time - Quietdrive
crunk...:Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes
we're not done yet... more ipod... :)
i dedicate this song to the person i hate...:In The Middle - Theory of A deadman
person i love...:MIA - A7X
my best friend...:Bulimic - The Used
my bf/gf...:Love is a lie - Simple Plan (OH COME ON!)
myself...:Umbrella - Vanila Sky
my parents...:Under Pressure - MCR & The USed
all my family...:Bila Aku Sudah Tiada - Hujan
all my friends...:On My Own - The Used
now we're dont... moving on...
who is your favorite player in the NBA?:i don't watch NBA
do you like to fight?:Yes
are you a lover or fighter?:A bit of both
you are... strong or weak?:in the middle
are you funny?:sometimes
do you try to be?:no
do you make the best out of any situation?:not really
where are you?:home
where did you get your shoes?:shops
what brand are they?:various? duhh...
what is your favorite type of music?:rock
do you like kevin garnet?:who?
how is your mood?:okay
do you act your age?:no
do people find you annoying?:sometimes
discribe yourself in 3 words.:wicked, wierd, wise
what makes you smile?:david cook
do you sing in the shower?:yes occasionally
how was this survey:it was long :D
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+ bored bored bored +

I'm bored...

1. What is your best friends name?

2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now?

3. What are you listening to right now?
David Cook - Billie Jean

4. Whats your favorite number?

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Slice of bread with peanut butter & chocolate

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

7. How is the weather right now?

8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone?

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Their lips... *smirk*

10. Do you have a significant other?

11. Favorite TV show?
Brothers & Sisters

12. Siblings?
2 sisters

13. Height?
Don't really know

14. Hair color?

15. Eye Color?

16. Do you wear contacts?

17. Favorite Holiday?
New year1

18. Month?
Now? June

19. Have you ever cried for no reason?
Many times

20. What was the last movie you watched?
Pirates Of Silicon Valley

21. Favorite Day of the Year?
1st January

22. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Real shy

23. Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)?
Hell no

24. Hugs or Kisses?
Hugs... anytime...

25. Chocolate or Vanilla?

26. Do you want your friends to respond to this?

27. Who is most likely to respond?

28. Who is least likely to respond?

29. What books are you reading?
Heavier Than Heaven

30. Piercings?

31. Favorite movies?

32. Favorite football Team?
Soccer? Chelsea

33. what were u doing before this?
Watching TV

34. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?

37. Dogs or cats?
Cats.. always cuter

38. Favorite flower?

39. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do?
Yep.. I've lost count

40. Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex?

41. Have you ever loved someone?

42. Who would you like to see right now?
Leonardo DiCaprio

43. Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?
No. Ridiculous.

44. Have you ever fired a gun?

45. Do you like to travel by plane?

46. Right-handed or Left-handed?

47. How many pillows do you sleep with?

48. Are you missing someone?
Yes :(

49. Do you have a Tattoo?

I'm afraid of...

[ ] basement darkness
[ ] the dark
[X] staying single
[ ] being a parent
[X] giving birth
[ ] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[ ] closed spaces
[X] heights
[ ] cats
[ X] dogs
[ ] birds
[X] spiders and/or other insects
[X] driving or being in cars
[ ] flying
[ ] being put to sleep
[ ] flowers or other plants
[ ] fire
[ ] water
[ ] the ocean
[ ] pools
[X] failure
[X] success
[X] rejection
[ ] germs
[X] thunder/lightning
[X] frogs/toads
[ ] mice/rats
[ ] jumping from high places
[ ] snow
[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[ ] cemeteries
[ ] clowns
[X] large crowds
[ ] demons or evil
[ ] crossing bridges
[X] death
[X] Hell
[ ] Heaven
[X] being robbed
[ ] men
[ ] women
[X] having great responsibility
[X] doctors, including dentists
[X] tornadoes
[X] hurricanes
[X] diseases
[X] snakes
[ ] sharks
[ ] Friday the 13th
[X] poverty
[ ] ghosts
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains or railroads
[ ] odd numbers
[ ] even numbers
[X] being alone
[X] being blind
[X] being deaf
[X] growing up
[ ] monsters under my bed
[ ] creepy noises in the night
[X] bees
[X] not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[ ] needles
[ ] my dad

Repost saying: "I FEAR 26 out of 69"

x deez x
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+ into the wild +

Seen the movie? If not, what the hell are you waiting for? Go grab it and watch it now! It is the most moving movie I had ever watched. Possibly the best one I've watch in a very long time. Emotionally, I am very touched by the story of the man. No, I am not only touched, I am a ball of mix emotions right now. I don't know that one simple movie could make me feel this way. Yes, I've cried watching movies before, but none like this. It is so touching, I though I was in the movie alongside of Alexander Supertramp myself. It was a beautiful story, it was a tragedy. It got me really thinking. I had always wanted a life of that sort, maybe not as extreme but I dream of days of going away, being on my own, fuck others, fuck the system; just me and my freedom. And I am pleased to see the joy it could bring you - the freedom that is, I want that, I've been wanting that for a really long time. But one thing I don't want, I don't want to make a mistake and end up like he did; lonely and scared. The thought alone is scary. I don't know. Geez, I wish I am as strong as he was.

"Chris had instructed the post office to hold them (his returned mail) until August 1st so that mom and dad wouldn’t know that anything was up. Some part of me understood what he had done. That he had spent the previous four years fulfilling an absurd and onerous duty in graduating from college. And now, at last he was unencumbered. Emancipated from the stifling world of parents and peers. Abstraction, security, and material excess. Those things that cut Chris off from the raw truth of his existence. I only hoped he was safe... and I missed him."

Beautiful story.Damn, I couldn't get the images out of my head.

x deez x

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+ miserable n not +

No word needed. I was miserable. It was heartbreaking. I still love John Terry anyway.

On happier note, David Cook is now my new obsession. I am severly in trouble cause I am in love with his tummy. How stupid is that? Yet, he is my current love.

Exam is over. I am now free. College ends at last. I am happy.

x deez x
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+ it's been far too quiet +

It had been very quiet indeed. I had been busy with school and stuff, and for once, I am not just being lazy!:D

Anyway, my finals will be on the 20th & 23rd, and guess what? It will all end there and then! :D Finally, I would finish my study. That will be the last exams for me to take. I am super relief! But still, I need to study to make sure I won't flunk at the end of the road. And I will, very soon too.

Then what? I don't know! But, I will not fuss about it! Yet! (at least)...

On the other hand, we had our get away party last week, it was kind of bittersweet. We had a good day thou. I shall miss my little friends.

These kids crack me up (always)

Having a go on some dancing game machine

Awesome cake... wasn't it?

I need to loose weight *sigh*

Yummy eh?

I'll update more after my finals is over. I swear! till then... kudos.

x deez x
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