+ it's been far too quiet +

It had been very quiet indeed. I had been busy with school and stuff, and for once, I am not just being lazy!:D

Anyway, my finals will be on the 20th & 23rd, and guess what? It will all end there and then! :D Finally, I would finish my study. That will be the last exams for me to take. I am super relief! But still, I need to study to make sure I won't flunk at the end of the road. And I will, very soon too.

Then what? I don't know! But, I will not fuss about it! Yet! (at least)...

On the other hand, we had our get away party last week, it was kind of bittersweet. We had a good day thou. I shall miss my little friends.

These kids crack me up (always)

Having a go on some dancing game machine

Awesome cake... wasn't it?

I need to loose weight *sigh*

Yummy eh?

I'll update more after my finals is over. I swear! till then... kudos.

x deez x
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