survey 2

a aaawesome awesome survey <33
-lets talk about yerself...
you must have a name, what is it?:deez
and how old did you say you are?:23
what color is your hair?:black
hows that workin for you?:i like it
what color eyes do you got?:black
what is your weight?:54 kgs
happy with that?:no.. no.. no..
how tall are you?:i don't know
is that too tall or not tall enough... or just rite!?:not right
-lets talk...friends!...
who is your best friend?:renren
why?:she's always there
have you ever kissed them?:no
how long have you known this person?:all my life
do you tell this person everything?:not everything, have to keep something 2 yourself
if not, then who do you tell?:evrything that's ok to tell
is he/she mean?:no
are they pretty?:yes
would you die for them?:yes
why or why not?:cause she would for me
what color is their hair?:black
-which friend is the most...
-back to your bestfriend...
would you ever get drunk with this person?:no
what is the best memory with this person?:her graduation
and the worst is...:me quitting college
is this person older than you?:yes
if he/she told you to shoot yourself in the foot...would you?:yes
do you trust this person over every other one of your friends?:yes
are you this persons best friend?:i'd like to think so
do they "drink" the "good stuff"?:no
discribe your relationship with this person?:tight
do you pick on this person?:yes
are you guys mean to others?:sometimes
what is the funniest thing that has happen to you guys?:a lot of things
to you guys constantly fight?:no
do you fight at all??:yes
if you had a million dollars, would you give it to them?:half of it
do you let this person walk all over you?:no
does this person walk all over you?:no
do you boss this person around?:no
does this person boss you around?:no
would you do anything for this person?:yes
could you live with this person?:yes
how do you guys feel about gay rights?:i'm fine with it, she is too
just how crazy are you guys?:not too crazy, just enough :D
what is the best thing to do with this person?:hang out
why?:we had fun together
would you kill for this person?:yes
-enough of that...what comes to mind when you hear...
im the homosexual way-:would you sleep with me then?
i like beer-:okay
whiskey baby!-:whiskey have babies? o_0
your ex's name-:miz
golf sucks-:true
i like to party-:hard!
make-out bandit-:extinct?
songs from the 30's-:they have songs back then?
the annoying noise the car makes, when the door is open-:not my car
kobe is the best play in the NBA-:really?
tree huggers-:love 'em
hookers-:big boobs
country music-:yuck!
-finish the sentence...
my friends are...:awesomw
beer is...:smelly
i hate it when...:i can't sleep
i love all...:good foods
i hate having...:cramps
i love people that...:don't judge others
i hate peole that...:annoy me
i have the greatest...:family
i have the worst...:bones
i make lots of...:sounds
i spend most of my time...:daydreaming
im always...:punctual
i make the best...:pudding
i will make your life...:interesting
my life be like...:you
i will do almost anything...:to marry david cook
my parties are...:slow
my personality is...:rockin'
people think of me as...:the responsible one
i will never be able to...:fly
im best at doing...:my job
my favorite kind of music is...:rock
i hate playing...:bowling
-discribe each of these "topics" in ONE word...:
emo people.:love 'em hairs
serial sexers.:as long as they are happy
homless people.:awee
annorexia.:really now?
sports:life would b boring without sports
your ex.:cute
your best friend.:love her
your worst enemy.:can rot in hell
your mom.:sweet
your dad.:nice
your grandparents.:stupid
hunting.:please don't
cooking.:good when you are hungry
steve nash.:big
kobe bryant.:never seen him play
randy moss.:who?
your shoes.:smokin' hot
the shirt you wore today.:black
the last person you kissed.:o_0
the last person you held hands with.:i want him!
-use the first letter of your first name to answer the type of..
store-:rug stores?
tv show-:r....?
song-:razorblades & handgrenades - Josiah
artist-:ricky martin? lol
nba player-:ronny turiaf
nfl player-:rod woodson
-tell me.. would you ever..
kiss the same sex?:probably not
play strip poker?:maybe
kiss your ex again?:no
give your life for someone?:yes
change for someone or something?:yes
make up a lie about someone else, to save yerself?:yes
kill the person you hate?:yes yes yes
have sex for the fun of it?:no
french kiss a dog?:no
run down the street nude?:no
get drunk?:no
play dirty with your friends?:yes
want to meet T.O.?:yes?
make out with you best friends bf if you were sure they wouldnt find out?:no
cut yourself?:no
who was your last text from?:Faiz
what did it say?:he would like to join the event
what did your reply say?:that would b awesome
person that called you?:apiz
person you called?:Zeck
kiss?:oh wow... Kenny
drink?:home made coffee
time you cried?:yesterday
person you hugged?:didi
said goodbye to?:zeck
who was the last person u told you loved them?:renren
time you ate?:2 hours before
-put your ipod on shuffle and use the songs-in order they come-to discribe.
my life is...:funny
my family is...:annoying
my attitude is...:mellow
my current relationship status...:HELLO??? :D finding
the look on life...:bizzare! - NFG came up - the king of wishful thinking!
my theme song...:To RUN - Josiah Leming
my best friends theme song...:Dream Big - David Cook
other people see my theme song as...:wierd - Eleanor Rigby
wedding song...:Le Vent Nous Portera
funeral song...:Beat It - FOB (lol)
moms song...:Viva La Vida - Coldplay
dads song...:Heartbreaker -
life song...:Here In My Home - Various Artists
my personality...:With you - C.Brown
my love song...:Grace Kelly - MIKA
i listen to these songs when im feeling...
sad...:Nine In The Afternoon - PATD
mad...:Anyone Else But You - Juno Soundtrack
happy...:Creep - Radiohead
excited...:beautiful Love - The Afters
dirty...:Lollipop - MIKA (HAHAHAHAHA)
pissed off!...:Homecoming - Kanye West (WTF!)
loved...:What About Now - Daughtry
sexy...:I'm Alive - David Cook
amazing...:Hungry Like The Wolf - David Cook
like i can take on anything...:You Belong To me - Jason Wade
heartbroken...:Cinderella Story - Plain White T's
chill...:Time After Time - Quietdrive
crunk...:Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes
we're not done yet... more ipod... :)
i dedicate this song to the person i hate...:In The Middle - Theory of A deadman
person i love...:MIA - A7X
my best friend...:Bulimic - The Used
my bf/gf...:Love is a lie - Simple Plan (OH COME ON!)
myself...:Umbrella - Vanila Sky
my parents...:Under Pressure - MCR & The USed
all my family...:Bila Aku Sudah Tiada - Hujan
all my friends...:On My Own - The Used
now we're dont... moving on...
who is your favorite player in the NBA?:i don't watch NBA
do you like to fight?:Yes
are you a lover or fighter?:A bit of both
you are... strong or weak?:in the middle
are you funny?:sometimes
do you try to be?:no
do you make the best out of any situation?:not really
where are you?:home
where did you get your shoes?:shops
what brand are they?:various? duhh...
what is your favorite type of music?:rock
do you like kevin garnet?:who?
how is your mood?:okay
do you act your age?:no
do people find you annoying?:sometimes
discribe yourself in 3 words.:wicked, wierd, wise
what makes you smile?:david cook
do you sing in the shower?:yes occasionally
how was this survey:it was long :D
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