The Final will be on tonight. I am so very nervous. Germany will win! No doubt about it.

On the other hand, I had been talking to one of my friend yesterday. He told me that I am good at diverting answers to some other focus point. I laughed my ass off at that time. But, after some thought, he was 100% right. I tend to never give straight answer. I am originally not capable of answering people in the correct manner. I wonder why that is.

Situation 1:

Stranger: Are you Chinese?
Me: Why? Do I look Chinese?
Stranger: A bit, but you could be Malay. Are you?
Me: Are you?
Stranger: Am I what?
Me: Are you Malay?
Stranger: Obviously
Me: Okay, cool

Stranger: Huh?

Situation 2:

Alpha Male: So, are you single?
Me: Depend on what single means
Alpha Male: Well, are you seeing someone?
Me: I am seeing a lot of people right now

Alpha Male: As if in dating?
Me: Oh, that. I am not dating right now
Alpha Male: Meaning, you are single
Me: Not really
Alpha Male: You are not dating but you are not single?
Me: Yes, that correct
Alpha Male: Wha?

Situation 3:

Friend: Are you happy?
Me: Happy has a very different meaning to every one
Friend: Okay, but are you happy in your own meaning and terms?
Me: What is my definition of happy?
Friend: I don't know. Do you?
Me: No. Do you?
Friend: *walks away*

Those situations really happened ladies and gentlemen. So I guess, I really couldn't give a straight answer ever. I'm twisted. :D

I'm in love with David Cook at the moment; that's a straight up statement!

x deez x
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+ new vlog +

I uploaded a new vlog. I'm just bored.

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GERMANY will enter the EURO 2008 Finals!

That is just fantastic!

Germany vs Turkey was a great game. We had interruptions for the live cast and I almost had anxiety attack but it all end well, so I am quite happy.

Uh oh, and PHILIP LAHM is our hero!

It will be an amazing final regardless who they will face. But, Germany vs Spain sound very tempting! :D

x deez x
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+ no euro +

It is good to have a little break from soccer.
In the meantime, take a look at this.

me and my sis

the cousins

baby deez

sisters stick 4 ever

I was a cute child. What ever happen to me *sigh*. Hope you enjoyed that. :p

x deez x
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+ update +

Holland lost to Russia 1-3 in extra time.
Italy lost to Spain in penalty shoot; which suck! Wining by penalty is just so unfair!

Semi-Final will start on the 26th which I can't wait.

Germany vs Turkey
Russia vs Spain

Germany will win and I'm secretly hoping Russia will win. Why? cause I'm bitter that Spain won by penalty.

Till next time.

x deez x
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+ what did I say? +

Germany are going to enter the Semi-Final! Yay!

Well, maybe I was wrong about Croatia but did ya see the game? It was surely unpredictable! Damn, that was one of the best game I've ever watch! Have to feel sorry for Croatia, but German vs Turkey ought to be awesome. Plus, it is a plus to be able to see Hamit Altintop play again. :D

In 3 hours I'll be watching Holland vs Russia! Go Holland! :D

To much soccer energy to write bout anything else.

deez out...
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+ soccer +

It had just struck me that I haven't posted any single entry about EURO 2008 yet!
Well, I should, considering I haven't miss one game since it started! It is an awesome tournament isn't it?

Best news of all,
French are out. Ok, I'll admit that I came into the tournament in full support of Germany. Though, I had always been a fan of Holland. 2 weeks in and I realized that Holland are a very strong team right now! Don't get me wrong, I still am rooting for Germany, but if Holland is to win, I have no complaint. They are tougher, they are stronger and they definitely playing much better. On the other hand, what is up with Spain though? They are playing great! Plus, I hate to say this, but they have Torres, Villa and Fabregas. They are a deadly combo don't you think so? Damn, I don't want them to win this. Which bring me to another team that I hate to see win this tournament; Portugal. I HATE that certain DIVER in Portugal. But, in the name of soccer, kudos to them as they are playing some good soccer in the tournament, that I can't deny. Anyhow, I am going to root for Germany till the end, plus I'm favoring toward Holland at the time being. Plus, hey, who can deny a team with Wesley Sneijder. No one can!

I know nobody care what I think but my prediction for the top 4 are:

Croatia *they are good*

Germany *yay*

Holland *double yay*

Spain *damn*

There are also some players worth mentioning:

The best player in the tournament so far (4 me)

daniele de rossi

Worst player ever (not only in the tournament but in whole)

can't type his name - *too much hate*

Favorite player (his way of playing just excite me *ehem*)

lukas podolski

Most charming player

wesley sneijder - i can't resist him really

he should really be my baby daddy

x deez x
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+ fun, gone, foods +

Dear all,

I was involve in a program organized by my college, I had fun. It was quite blurry for me at first but by the end of it, I had tons of fun. Meeting new peoples could be fun; who would have thought! I may have worked for 15 hours, but I wasn't feeling too tired. I liked it!

On the other hand, my lil sister went off to college last Saturday. *sobs* I miss her already! She finally went off, it was bittersweet for me. I was so glad that she went off but I was also sad cause I know I will miss her much. But, I'll be all right. She seemed to be having fun. I am glad for her. On that day though, my mum cried. Her college was like 15 minutes from home for God sake. I also had a post on when she cried sending off my sister to live alone didn't I? What get me thinking was my mom cried on both occasion when my lil sister live 15 minutes away and my elder sister live 2 hours away. When I was 18, and I lived in KL while she was in Sabah, she didn't even shed a single tear! I didn't went back home for almost 2 years! It didn't matter to her? I'd like to think that maybe she think that I am tougher, my own survival skill is superior than my 2 sisters, but in the back of my head, the same question always came out; AM I ADOPTED? *face palm*

Lastly, I'm getting fat by days. Foods keep getting their way to my mouth into my stomach. But who can blame me right?

Not when there's food everywhere! I mean, every time I look on the table, there's chocolate, cakes, donut! How can I resist? I have no willpower! damn! I think my mom is in a conspiracy to fatten me so I'll loathe in self-sorrow and end up alone staying with the 'rents for eternity. I'm doomed! *sigh*

x deez x

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+ don't +

Here are 10 things to never put in your personal blog:

1. Your full name.
2. Your kids, friends or family member’s full names.
3. Where you work.
4. Where you live.
5. Telephone or cell number.
6. Personal email address.
7. Where you will be and when you will be there.
8. Pictures of where you live or work that include identifiable information.
9. Pictures of your car that show the license plate number.
10. Travel Itinerary.

I think I'm pretty safe. :D

I'm bored.
I'm lonely.
I'm not doing so good.
I hate holidays.

x deez x
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+ love +

What a strong word 'love' is. It is a four letter word after all...but the impact is surely huge. This four letter word make the world goes round *some may say*. But, is it true? Love can bring happiness to people? As far as I am concern, from my observations, love brings misery, it is a twisted word. People crave for it yet it bring hurt to peoples, the exact ones who claim that they couldn't live without love. But, in the end, most of the time, they crashed and burned.

Shocking isn't it.

I was out in town yesterday and I saw little kids, not more than 13 I guess, claiming that they 'love' each other. I heard that love doesn't know ages and looks. It just strike you. But as far as I remembered, when I was 13, I was still 'loving' my friends who would play with me at the nearest playground. Funny eh? What do they know about love? How could anybody now what love is? Heck, I'm almost 24 and I never experienced anything close to 'love' if love really as grand feeling as they said and portrayed. Or maybe, I am just one sad lonely human being.

Think about it.

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