The Final will be on tonight. I am so very nervous. Germany will win! No doubt about it.

On the other hand, I had been talking to one of my friend yesterday. He told me that I am good at diverting answers to some other focus point. I laughed my ass off at that time. But, after some thought, he was 100% right. I tend to never give straight answer. I am originally not capable of answering people in the correct manner. I wonder why that is.

Situation 1:

Stranger: Are you Chinese?
Me: Why? Do I look Chinese?
Stranger: A bit, but you could be Malay. Are you?
Me: Are you?
Stranger: Am I what?
Me: Are you Malay?
Stranger: Obviously
Me: Okay, cool

Stranger: Huh?

Situation 2:

Alpha Male: So, are you single?
Me: Depend on what single means
Alpha Male: Well, are you seeing someone?
Me: I am seeing a lot of people right now

Alpha Male: As if in dating?
Me: Oh, that. I am not dating right now
Alpha Male: Meaning, you are single
Me: Not really
Alpha Male: You are not dating but you are not single?
Me: Yes, that correct
Alpha Male: Wha?

Situation 3:

Friend: Are you happy?
Me: Happy has a very different meaning to every one
Friend: Okay, but are you happy in your own meaning and terms?
Me: What is my definition of happy?
Friend: I don't know. Do you?
Me: No. Do you?
Friend: *walks away*

Those situations really happened ladies and gentlemen. So I guess, I really couldn't give a straight answer ever. I'm twisted. :D

I'm in love with David Cook at the moment; that's a straight up statement!

x deez x
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