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Dear all,

I was involve in a program organized by my college, I had fun. It was quite blurry for me at first but by the end of it, I had tons of fun. Meeting new peoples could be fun; who would have thought! I may have worked for 15 hours, but I wasn't feeling too tired. I liked it!

On the other hand, my lil sister went off to college last Saturday. *sobs* I miss her already! She finally went off, it was bittersweet for me. I was so glad that she went off but I was also sad cause I know I will miss her much. But, I'll be all right. She seemed to be having fun. I am glad for her. On that day though, my mum cried. Her college was like 15 minutes from home for God sake. I also had a post on when she cried sending off my sister to live alone didn't I? What get me thinking was my mom cried on both occasion when my lil sister live 15 minutes away and my elder sister live 2 hours away. When I was 18, and I lived in KL while she was in Sabah, she didn't even shed a single tear! I didn't went back home for almost 2 years! It didn't matter to her? I'd like to think that maybe she think that I am tougher, my own survival skill is superior than my 2 sisters, but in the back of my head, the same question always came out; AM I ADOPTED? *face palm*

Lastly, I'm getting fat by days. Foods keep getting their way to my mouth into my stomach. But who can blame me right?

Not when there's food everywhere! I mean, every time I look on the table, there's chocolate, cakes, donut! How can I resist? I have no willpower! damn! I think my mom is in a conspiracy to fatten me so I'll loathe in self-sorrow and end up alone staying with the 'rents for eternity. I'm doomed! *sigh*

x deez x

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