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What a strong word 'love' is. It is a four letter word after all...but the impact is surely huge. This four letter word make the world goes round *some may say*. But, is it true? Love can bring happiness to people? As far as I am concern, from my observations, love brings misery, it is a twisted word. People crave for it yet it bring hurt to peoples, the exact ones who claim that they couldn't live without love. But, in the end, most of the time, they crashed and burned.

Shocking isn't it.

I was out in town yesterday and I saw little kids, not more than 13 I guess, claiming that they 'love' each other. I heard that love doesn't know ages and looks. It just strike you. But as far as I remembered, when I was 13, I was still 'loving' my friends who would play with me at the nearest playground. Funny eh? What do they know about love? How could anybody now what love is? Heck, I'm almost 24 and I never experienced anything close to 'love' if love really as grand feeling as they said and portrayed. Or maybe, I am just one sad lonely human being.

Think about it.

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