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It had just struck me that I haven't posted any single entry about EURO 2008 yet!
Well, I should, considering I haven't miss one game since it started! It is an awesome tournament isn't it?

Best news of all,
French are out. Ok, I'll admit that I came into the tournament in full support of Germany. Though, I had always been a fan of Holland. 2 weeks in and I realized that Holland are a very strong team right now! Don't get me wrong, I still am rooting for Germany, but if Holland is to win, I have no complaint. They are tougher, they are stronger and they definitely playing much better. On the other hand, what is up with Spain though? They are playing great! Plus, I hate to say this, but they have Torres, Villa and Fabregas. They are a deadly combo don't you think so? Damn, I don't want them to win this. Which bring me to another team that I hate to see win this tournament; Portugal. I HATE that certain DIVER in Portugal. But, in the name of soccer, kudos to them as they are playing some good soccer in the tournament, that I can't deny. Anyhow, I am going to root for Germany till the end, plus I'm favoring toward Holland at the time being. Plus, hey, who can deny a team with Wesley Sneijder. No one can!

I know nobody care what I think but my prediction for the top 4 are:

Croatia *they are good*

Germany *yay*

Holland *double yay*

Spain *damn*

There are also some players worth mentioning:

The best player in the tournament so far (4 me)

daniele de rossi

Worst player ever (not only in the tournament but in whole)

can't type his name - *too much hate*

Favorite player (his way of playing just excite me *ehem*)

lukas podolski

Most charming player

wesley sneijder - i can't resist him really

he should really be my baby daddy

x deez x
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