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I've been working for just 3 days but let me tell you that there will be not much of blogging will be done in this next 6 months. But, hey, I'll try. Or even yet, I'll have more to write cause I had a feeling this will be an interesting half year. Anyway, the past 3 days had been a blur to me. I learned that I love to work using my energy rather than being in an office. I feel like I am not doing any work done at all. It is frustrating. I don't want to ask all the time, it might irritate some people. Save to say that I am not superbly tired these 3 days, just... lost, frustrated, weirded out. We all know how I react in new environments. I suck! Anyway, I will update more by the end of the week. Right now I want to go sleep. The worst thing about this whole 'work' thing is to wake up at 530 in the morning everyday. It just plain suck! I appreciate sleeping time more now that I don't have much of them.

Till next time, GOOD NIGHT.
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Okay, I wasn't always into rock you know. When I was young, I was obsessed with boy bands and crappy music with ridiculous dancing as much as any teenage girls out there. I used to adore The Backstreetboys at one time and I used to go crazy over N'sync too. I listened to every boy band music including Five, 911, A1 and Moffats. I was stupid, the music sounded good at that time. Hey, they were big on the early 90's k. I am not ashamed to say I listened to them and even liked them at one point of my life. However, when I was about 10 I think, I was obsessed with New Kids On The Block. Oh, and also Vanilla Ice, I wanted to marry that guy. But, back to NKOTB, I was mesmerized with their music, I loved them. I kept listening to them for couple more years until I grew out of it and discover much better music. Anyway, the reason why I'm talking about this is that I just seen the new video of NKOTB on TV, and it was... erm... FUNNY? lol

Joey, oh my God, Joey.
And Don? imitating Mark much?
Who in their right mind would do the dancing things anymore in this new era of ours and they are like what? in their 30's? My God guys, I would really much like to remember you by the old NKOTB, not the new recently dancing grown-ups. It was cute then, now, it is just wierd almost. *sigh* I would never look at Jordan the ame way again.


x deez x
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+ idiot +

I am an idiot.
Somebody told me today... Impossible is not what it was meant to be.

Impossible means 'I'm possible'. Quite clever.

I found a new game on the net. Lol... kind of funny. Dance Monkey.

I'm missing soccer already. August couldn't come any sooner? :(
On the next season, these are the club that I would support.

Purely because I am a loyal fan.

Newcastle United
I am into underdogs this time
around. Plus, still have much love for Owen.

Bayern Munich
Again, I am a loyal fan. In addition, Jurgen Klinsmann ought to make games more interesting. Hopefully Poldi will be able to play more.

Inter Milan

I must support the team that is coached by The Special One; Jose Mourinho. This is going to be superb season For Inter!

IF Elfsborg
They also happen to have a killer logo for their team! I am not kidding. Possibly the best football team logo ever!
*i don't think they show the Swedish league here thou. Bummer!*

I should post entries not concerning soccer sometimes eh?

x deez x
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+ ranks +

Today I'll be talking about ranks.


1930 Uruguay

1934 Italy

1938 Italy

1950 Uruguay

1954 West Germany

1958 Brazil

1962 Brazil

1966 England

1970 Brazil

1974 West Germany

1978 Argentina

1982 Italy

1986 Argentina

1990 Germany

1994 Brazil

1998 France

2002 Brazil

2006 Italy


TOP 20 Soccer Player Of All Time

20. Gabriel (Omar) Batistuta

19. Zbigniew Boniek

18. Zico (Artur Antunes Coimbra)

17. Roberto Baggio

16. Peter Schmeichel

15. Ruud Gullit

14. Lothar Matthaus

13. Marco van Basten

12. Michel Platini

11. Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima)

10. Alfredo Di Stefano (Alfredo Di Stefano Laulhe)

9. Ferenc Puskas


8. Stanley Matthews

7. Bobby Charlton

6. Eusebio (Eusebio da Silva Ferreira)

5. Johan Cruyff

4. Lev Yashin

3. Franz Beckenbauer

2. Diego Maradona

1. Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

So the best player ever goes to Pele. Well deserved I may say. I at least recognize half of the players stated up there even though most of them played before I was born, but I've known a little bit about half of them. So, my soccer knowledge isn't bad at all. I'm proud of that!

I will be attending my job interview tomorrow! *nervous mode* Wish me luck guys!
Till next time.

x deez x
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