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I am an idiot.
Somebody told me today... Impossible is not what it was meant to be.

Impossible means 'I'm possible'. Quite clever.

I found a new game on the net. Lol... kind of funny. Dance Monkey.

I'm missing soccer already. August couldn't come any sooner? :(
On the next season, these are the club that I would support.

Purely because I am a loyal fan.

Newcastle United
I am into underdogs this time
around. Plus, still have much love for Owen.

Bayern Munich
Again, I am a loyal fan. In addition, Jurgen Klinsmann ought to make games more interesting. Hopefully Poldi will be able to play more.

Inter Milan

I must support the team that is coached by The Special One; Jose Mourinho. This is going to be superb season For Inter!

IF Elfsborg
They also happen to have a killer logo for their team! I am not kidding. Possibly the best football team logo ever!
*i don't think they show the Swedish league here thou. Bummer!*

I should post entries not concerning soccer sometimes eh?

x deez x
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