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I've been working for just 3 days but let me tell you that there will be not much of blogging will be done in this next 6 months. But, hey, I'll try. Or even yet, I'll have more to write cause I had a feeling this will be an interesting half year. Anyway, the past 3 days had been a blur to me. I learned that I love to work using my energy rather than being in an office. I feel like I am not doing any work done at all. It is frustrating. I don't want to ask all the time, it might irritate some people. Save to say that I am not superbly tired these 3 days, just... lost, frustrated, weirded out. We all know how I react in new environments. I suck! Anyway, I will update more by the end of the week. Right now I want to go sleep. The worst thing about this whole 'work' thing is to wake up at 530 in the morning everyday. It just plain suck! I appreciate sleeping time more now that I don't have much of them.

Till next time, GOOD NIGHT.
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