+ long ass update +

It wasn't that I have no time, I am just plain lazy. X de mood gile nak update blog.
But today, I'm in the mood and this is going to be one crazy ass long update! *rolls eyes* :p

First and foremost, referring to my last post, I am still single. Damn! Really now? Nobody wants me? That is just sad. I am starting to think I might end up all alone after all. But, once you grab that idea and realize that some people are not meant to find love (meaning me), you'll be all right. I accepted the idea and I am okay with the fact that I might not find the love of my life. I am currently happy, that's all that matter right now. *DID I EVEN SOUND CONVINCING? ~~sigh*

Anyway, update, update, update. I am adapting to my job very well. But, I do think I am doing slow in my progress of work. I am never the slow one, but this time, grabbing the whole concept of the work is quite hard for me. I don't know why that is but it is bothering me when I am not on top of things most of the time. Yes, I am a perfectionist when it come to work and I am not satisfied with my work right now. So, I am in the process of improving myself and I am going to try harder. I believe I can.

It had been 2 months since I last watch a movie at the cinema. So, this week, my goal is to watch at least 3 movies at the cinema whether it'll be with friends or watching alone. I don't care. The movies that I want to see this week will be Don't match with the Zohan (I can't pass up Adam's Sandler's movie), Penelope (James McAvoy & Christina Ricci - I just have to watch this one) and Wall - E (how sad is it that I haven't watch it yet?). So, we'll see if I can archive this goal by the end of the week or not. If you want to catch these movies together, holla at me.

What is an update without soccer update?
Chelsea starts the season with a bang! 4-0 babeh! It was an awesome game. Nothing more needed to be said. I truly do believe (if they kept playing like they did), Chelsea will be wining some cups this years. Lets see how they'll do in the 2nd match tonight against Wigan! Can't wait!
Owh, and I am pretty much in love with Joe Cole.

On the other hand, I haven't been listening to much music lately that I feel sort of left out in the music world. Ask me about new upcoming bands or who's hot in the industry right now, I will have no idea. That is kind of weird, I always have time for music. I will download some songs, that is a must.

Lastly, I had a little chat with my lil sister earlier and she seemed to think that these 3 guys should be brothers. I agreed. Well, the reason I'm putting this here is that I am currently obsessing over Milo. I think he is incredible in Rocky Balboa. Anyway, Milo, Johnathan Tucker and Jason Mraz. Clear resemblance right?

Well, that is all for now I guess. I'll be seeing you all next week.

x deez x

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Anonymous said...

yeah,ko dah on comment seh!
the 3 guys, not so much la. haha, sesaje dengki kat ko.Bile nak g melepak ni?


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