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I know I have not been updating for a long time, I blame it on my job. Work had been occupying me so much lately, I don't even have time for myself. Well, I have, but most of the time, I spent it on sleeping cause I am damn tired. Anyway, I will be updating about my life later on, I promise, but meanwhile, I want to talk about my sister's wedding!

On the 8th of August 2008, (08/08/08) my sister get hitched! Yay! Finally! I had fun, it was tiring, but seeing how happy my sister was, it was all worth it. I was victimized most of the time but hey, I'll take one for the team. I'm posting some pics for viewing. Just some, I will upload the rest on other image hosting webs.

i like this picture - cam busy buat keje je (that's my uncle n auntie)

the 'hantaran' was made by our auntie.. lovely

cantik kan kakak saye? :)

this setup is done by yours truly... ME! :p

note the Charlie's angel up front

this is a cute picture

cam whore-ing session after the wed 1

cam whore-ing session after the wed 2

i sneaked out afterwards to the beach behind our house

showing off some of my kung-fu skills here

All and all, it was good. I can't believe my sister is married. In a year time, I might be an Auntie! Yay to me! Anyway, all this wedding stuff make me feel all alone for a bit. I am now opening boyfriend applications. This is for real. Hit me up boys! LOL....
I will update again soon. I'll try to keep my promise this time.
Till then, much love!

x deez x

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