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I asked you once what love is. You gave me an answer that put a smile on my face.
Couple of days back, you asked me what love is. I couldn't answer cause I didn't know how to. You know how words fail to find it way out of my mouth. But now, I'm telling you what love is.

Love is when I couldn't stop thinking about you,
When every moment seemed to me as if I am going to die for missing you,
Love is when I do something, I tend to relate it to you,
When nobody seemed to be around when I caught a glimpse of you,
Love is when it is hard for me to breathe when I imagine life without you,
When the sight of you hurting makes me want to die,
Love is when you cry, the whole world seemed to crash on me,
And when you stop, the sun seemed to shine again.

Most of all,
Love to me is when every time I am with you,
I feel happy and content,
And I'll do anything, ANYTHING to just stay with you.

In short,
LOVE for me,
is.... You.



Damn...Was that me typing? *sigh*

x deez x
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