+ a little less conversation +

Sye cuti hari ini,
Dan 2 hari yang berikutnya...
Seronok kan?

Bile cuti,
Sye kebosanan,
Dan tak dapat nak kawal perasaan...

Sye rindu kamu yang amat...
Apa yang boleh sye lakukan?


There is not much to say,
Cause right now I don't have anything wise in my head,
You know why that is?
Cause my whole world nowadays revolve around you.

I tried not to think about it,
But it doesn't seem to fit,
Not anymore,
Not like before...

I am glad it is so,
Cause for all I know,
I never feel better in this life.

* mesti kalian menyampahkan? :D

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

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