+ mad as rabbits +

2 DAYS...
That's all it takes
To ruin me...
I am one hopeless creature...

But I kinda like it :)

On other news...
I am going to finish, very very soon! How awesome is that? :D
Ever wonder how sometimes time flies by without you noticing? Well, for me, that is not the case. I keep on counting the days till it will end. But, as usual, when it's coming to an end, I would be sad. I would be disappointed, I would be scared. I never know why that is, it is just the way I am. I never really know how to deal with an end. I suck at endings. Still, I am glad it is going to end. VERY GLAD.

'Nuff about that.
I am just thinking about how fun it would be if I can gather the girls for a moment and have 'Girls Holiday Out' for once. We haven't seen each other for long. I miss ya'all. When can we go for a holiday eh? Holla at me for some fun day out k. I will be waiting. I can't plan one, you know it won't happen. :D I do still have our list of vacation places we wanted to go so badly years ago.

Bukit Tinggi
Cameron Highlands - Twin Pines is offering a sweet sweet deal I tell ya!
Perhentian :p (will always be an unfulfilled dream of ours)

Tell me when ya!

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