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Lately, I've been asked a lot,
What make you attracted to him?
What make you love him?
What does he have?
What's with him?

Even occasionally, I got asked,
What make you attracted to me?
What make you accept me?
What make you like me?

As always, I never have answers for any of that. I know it in my head, and I know it in my heart, but I never know how to tell people what I'm thinking. I am not able to project the feelings, the answer to you. So, I am going to try now, in words. Answers to all these questions.

Why? or even What? :)

Even when I was younger, I had this beautiful imagination on how being in love will be like. Unlike any cliche romantics, I don't dream of a prince charming with the perfect kiss and a happily ever after. What I do believe though was the feeling of falling in love. I had imagined numerous time, how being in love will be like.

I imagined that falling in love is when this guy would make me smile,
When he would tell me stories and I would believe every single thing about it, even if it's bullshit,
Falling in love is when he touch me it would send shivers to my last bones,
I fantasized that falling in love is when a guy could make me cry even when I was laughing,
When every little second is spend with him and I'll never feel bored,
And when he tell me he loves me, I would feel weak in the knees,

The reality is,
I fall in love with you because all of the above, and so much more.
I like you because you treat me like I matters.
I adore you because your smile is so contagious it makes me want to smile to and everytime you smile at me I feel all flowery inside.
I'm attracted to you because you are the only one in this whole world that could make me feel pretty.
I fancy you because you are honest and sincere even on the most sensitive matters.
I care for you because everytime I'm with you i can be myself without even worrying about what others may think.
I'm keen of you because you never judge me.

And I fall in love with you,
Because you make me smile,
Because you tell me stories that I believed,
Because everytime you touch me, I feel butterflies in my stomach,
Because you make me cry for being too happy,
Because I want to spend ever single second with you without feeling bored,
And because when you tell me you love me, I find it hard to breathe...

And that my dear boyfriend,
Is a LITTLE insight on,
Why I love you...

I could go on,
But I could not stop,
For there are so many reasons why I love you,
Why I choose to be with you,
Why I want you...

And that my little freinds,
Is why I love him...


x deez x

*Sye sedar yang entri kebelakang ni asyik jiwang karat aje. Maybe tu tandanya sye sedang gila dilamun cinta. Katalah ape yang kalian nak kata, sye tak peduli. Kalau kalian menyampah, berhenti. Jangan baca blog ni lagi... :)
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