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Saye ada 9 hari aje lagi untuk menyiapkan report.
Saye ade 9 hari aje lagi untuk buat slideshow presentation.
Saye ade 9 hari aje lagi nak mengabdikan diri di hadapan laptop sambil menggaru-garu kepala kebingungan sebab tak tau nak mula kat mane.
Saye ade 9 hari je lagi untul menghadap kejatuhan.
Aduh, tolonglah saye,
Sye kesuntukan!!!!

When they told me I have 14 days to complete my report, I said the heck with that! I won't be able to! Plus, I was the last one to finish the actual training so I am supposed to get an extend timing right? WRONG! I still need to submit all before 16th of January! Fuckin' hell! What are they tying to do to me? :(

I know I said, I won't bother to give my all on this last report, but you know me. At least I want it to be decent. But, you know what? I am having a very hard time focusing right now. I don;t even know why! I keep going back to the world wide web, playing games, reading crappy unimportant stuff. I can't seem to make myself willing to do my report. Do you know the total number of pages I have done? 2! 2 freaking pages in term of 3 days. I AM NOT THAT SLOW. I just can't concentrate! I can't and I won't! What is my problem? Well, I am a bit pissed that they won't extend my days and surely that is one of the reason why I am not bothering. But, I don't want my end report to ended up like hell. That is soooo not me. Someone please help me. Oh, and according to my calculation, hot stamping will require freaking 3 day at least so I need to finish by the 13th. Oh My Freaking Ass. I am on FIRE!!

Need to go do work... but I won't... trust me on that!
I am missing my boo at the same time...
This suck!

x deez x
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