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I'm feeling better.
I don't know what it was, but I am feeling better.
All I needed was one phone call, one single phone call.

Me: Hey
Ad: Feeling down babe?
Me: How do you do that?
Ad: Do what?
Me: Knowing
Ad: I always know, when it comes to you
Me: Do you think we are twins separated at birth?
Ad: Possibly
Me: I think so too
Ad: What's the matter?
Me: I think it's happening again
Ad: What is?
Me: Me...
Ad: You?
Me: A'ah.. me being me again
Ad: NO!
Me: Yup
Ad: Why?
Me: I don't know. I suddenly feel sad. Feel like crying
Ad: Why?
Me: I don't know
Ad: I know
Me: Tell me
Ad: It's because of the wedding isn't it?
Me: What?
Ad: It remind you of what could've been
Me: You think so?
Ad: I know so
Me: But...
Ad: I saw your face when you told me about all those successful old friends of yours

And there it was. All of it unrevealed itself before my eyes. I am sad because what could've been. Then I remembered a conversation with that certain someone. He told me that there is no point of regretting that. No good will come of regretting the past. They might be successful but are they happy? I have no clue. But one thing for sure, I am. Yes, I am proud to say I am happy. I am no longer depress. I am no longer alone, I am no longer lonely. I have my families, my friends, him. I have everything I need.

And then, I smiled.
I smiled and I mean it.
Thank you.
Thank you for figuring me out.
Thank you for being my strength.
Thank you all for coping with me and my madness.

p/s: sye takkan mulakan tahun ni dalam kesedihan. Terima kasih semua.

x deez x
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