+ master of delay +

Noticed if I have a lot of works to do, I tend to blog a lot too?
Any of you realize that?
Well, I do.
I am a mothfreakin' master of delay.
I like to delay things till the last minutes.
I know I will be crappy, I'll swear a lot and I'll be in such tense mood it is not even going to be funny.
I know it will give me massive headache that I would not be able to bear.
But still,
I like to wait for the lastest of minutes to complete something.

I really don't know what it is.
Maybe it's the rush,
Maybe it's the adrenaline,
Maybe it's the tense feeling,
Maybe I like those moments of feeling that I might blow up any second now!
I really really don't know.

It is going to rain...
You are still at work? :(

x deez x

p/s: sakit kepala lagi....
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