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I am going to do my final presentation tomorrow... I am superbly nervous.

AI season 8 is back ya'all. I promised myself by the end of sesaon 7 to not get involved again with that crazy reality show. Yet, on the 2nd showing of it, I spotted someone that I know I can't miss out on. Micheal Castro. Yes, the younger brother of Jason Castro. I really am hoping that he won't go far or else I would HAVE TO watch AI season 8 too. I know, nobody is forcing me to watch that show, yet, how can I say no to the droopy eyed, cocky self-promoting poster selling 20 year old boy who brother had totally stole my heart? I mean, just look at him.

Apple to m eyes.. Not kidding when I say I want to eat this kid. He's that cute!

Onto more important things.
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