+ who would have thought +

I have sleeping problems.
Yes, shock shock.
Me, the heavy sleeper that I am is having problem sleeping for once. Yes, that is the most heavy confession that I had to make in months. Yes, you can gawk in awe or sigh in contempt; which ever suit your thinking.

It had been 3 days since I had a good night sleep. I know 3 days is nothing to some of you but it mean the world to me. I treasure my sleep; in fact, I think it is one of my best kept talent. Who am I without the ability to sleep soundly? Oh, the agony. My eyeballs had been twitching since the first night and I think the blood had stop pumping into my brain. Do you know the annoying feeling that you get when you just drank half cups of very very cold milkshake? Well, that's the feeling I am constantly having times a thousand time. It's pure hell I tell you, I kid you not!

Oh, and how oh how am I going to finish my report with this headache?
It is time like this that I wish I have my own sets of leprechaun to help me do my works. Why didn't I buy some from e-bay is beyond my understanding.

On, a totally different note,
I miss my little sister to bits.
When are you coming home you little devilish brat whom I love so dearly may I add? :D
Miss you much...

Well, no point on bitching and moaning anymore,
I'll never have the answer anyway,
I guess I just am going to stay in this yellowish room of mine, laying on the bed, tossing and turning while reminding myself to not remove my twitching eyeballs and throw it to the ground.
I welcome the sleepless nights to come..
I'm making peace with that...

x deez x

p/s: pening tapi tetap happy sebab tak sendiri lagi
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