+my love, my only+

And see your smiling faceHolding you in my armsSeeing all your graceI wish i could fall asleep in your armsEvery night of every dayFeeling all your warmth Feeling so very safeNothing could make me happierThan kissing your tender lipsHugging your muscular bodyFeeling your gentle finger tipsA day without you is hellWith sadness and much painBut i know that without you completelyI would never be the sameI can help but think...How alone i used to beHow unhappy i feltHow i had sorrow for myselfBut then you came, to save me from my painYou have brightened my face, my heart, my soulYou have made me feel special, my heart feels wholeI never want to leave youI always want you to stayBecause every part of meLoves you in each and every way!
I Love You!
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