+ kinda nervous, kinda excited but extremely happy +

I sits in this room quietly minding my own business when I heard a scream of my name from the living room downstairs. Shocked and confused, I dragged my butt off from the comfort of this room, down the stairs, finding the source of the scream. Oh, hell! Surprise2. All hell had break loose! The living room had turned into a massacre of flowers, trays, bids, ribbons and all thing glittery. "Pick a crown that u are going to wear", "Does this loo good here, or here?", "Where do you want to put this?". I was attacked by the questions and I felt like screaming, yet, I didn't. I told them to do what ever the hell they want; I approve. And I took a step back, looking at them (who I thanked dearly for doing all of that for me cause I wouldn't get anything done on my own) and I smiled. I SMILED and I mean in. Cause in 2 days, I am going to get engaged to the man I love.

You heard me right.
Thinking about it, I am kinda nervous, kinda excited but am extremely happy.
Despite all the nagging, people telling me what to do, what I am suppose to do, what NOT to do, I am still kinda excited. Yes, that nervous feeling is starting to build in the pit of my stomach, but I don't really take mind on it.
I know, behind me, there is now a person standing close by protecting me like a shield, not matter what is going to happen.
And cause of that I am truly happy.
How many time in a life that one could say that she feel so anxious waiting for the day she become someone elses fiance, wife?
Once in a lifetime!
Who wouldn't be nervous right?
Well, I am.
I can't wait!
I am out of my mind!
Excuse my rambling.
I am missing someone.
Till next time, take care!

x deez x
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