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So, here's the deal.
Lately I have been so much neglecting the real blogging experiences. I feel like such a bad blogger. Don't get me wrong, all the posts are sweet and what I wrote I mean it, but now is the time to do some roundups on what had been going on. Plus, I know how much you suckers crave for goss!!! :D Don't lie, that is why Perez Hilton website is such a hit! Everybody loves hot stuff!! And apparently, I rambles. :p

All right.
On with some soccer news.
Pfttt... Chelsea lost, Manchester lost & Liverpool is on a winning streak. Apparently, the world hard turn upside down. Oh! And to top that off, Roo-Roo got a red card! Heh! Okaaaay. Pause. So I admit that I had not been watching as much games as I used to, but hey, come on, what the heck is going on. The table is turning. And the most shocking thing about it is, I don't seemed to care. RIght, maybe I was a bit joyous for the Manchester lost but it wasn't like I was dancing in joy. And the lost of Chelsea unphased me. Maybe I am getting used to them losing. Such a horible thing to say, yet, it is true. Super Frank doesn't touch m heart as much as he used to. Boohoo... I even almost forgotten why I love Micha so much. Dang, I take that back :D.

Lookie what I did to Christian-what-his-name-is pic. :p (I hate this fella)

It came back. And I tried my best not be sucked in, yet, I failed. I always found a way to be watching that show unwillingly. As for most of ya'all who watch the stupid (yet addicting) show know, my boy didn't make it through. However, I have a new boy to obsess over! Yay! His name is Danny Gokey. He's awesome, he's sweet, he's a crooner and his voice can melt you. I am not exaggerating I tell ya! Hmmm... I start to wonder.... David who? :p Nahh, David Cook will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, no one can top the Mavid acts. That is just too special eh? :D I know, I know, what about Lambert you might ask right? He is ok. Well, he's more than okay. That voice, hmmmm *drooling*... yet, there is just something about that guy. How can I say this politely, hmmm... he's weird. Not the good Gerard Way weird, its 'you are too gay to the point of it radiates through you and i can't concentrate cause it's scaring me' kind of weird. You know? But no biggie, If he's winning, I won't complaint! :p

Oh see, Mr Danny!

Adam Lambert! Now, together with me girls.... Awwwwee :) :) He is almost too sexy for a gay man right? :p

Ok, I will continue soon. That is my goss for now. Call me to complaint about it if you want, I don't want to care! :p

Yuk jumpe minggu depan!
K.Eda! Nak prezent huneymoon itu! :p


x deez x

p/s: Sye rindu kamu... bila nak balik ni? Kan sye dah rambling bebukan. Sebab x de keje. :D
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