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Do you still remember that night?
The night when you and me promised to stay together... forever?

That night changed her live forever. Something was elevated within her. Thay will be together; happily after after just like in the fairy tales.

She was uncertain at first. She told him to never leave her. He trembled for the slightest second and looked her straight in the eyes. He reached for her and held her close. She welcomed the embrace. Their fingers intertwined together as he whispered comforting words in her ears. She calmed down and smiled gradually. Cause evidently, she knows everything will be all right. She believed him when he said 'I love you'.

Sye rindu.
3 hari?
4 hari?
Sye terseksa.
Rindu ni dah x terkawal lagi.
Sye janji, x nak berjauhan lagi dah.
x nak rasa sakit yang melampau ni.
Sorry, sorry buat abang sakit lagi.

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