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Desperately Waiting...

Have you ever felt like the time has stopped?
Have you ever experienced the kind of hurt that slit right through your heart just because you miss someone?
Have you ever felt that a certain someone is more important to you than breathing itself for living would mean nothing when you are not together?
That is exactly how I felt.
Most of the time when I am not with you...
I hate off days now. :(

Do you want to know the extent of me missing you every day and every night, every minute and every second of my time?
Let me tell you....

When I crossed the road and I saw the person in the car was singing along to his radio, I miss you - It reminded me of you banging your head and busting your silly moves when some songs you like come out on the radio. :)

When I was walking alone and I saw a girl spoon fed her food to her boyfriend, I miss you - It reminded me of how sloppy you can be when it comes to eating and you don't care as long as you are enjoying the food. It gets me smiling every time.

When I passed through billboards and see posters of cute hot young guys, I miss you - It reminded me of how silly comments came out of your mouth saying how gorgeous those mens are in that said poster. You gayness is adorable to me.

When I was watching football (soccer) on TV and was being excited about it, I miss you - It reminded me of how you have no clue about the sport and yet you are so transfixed about Jose Mourinho and David Beckham.

When I got into shops and I saw pink colored shirts, I miss you - It reminded me how much wearing anything pinkish horrified you.

When everytime my phone rang, I miss you - It reminded me of how many hours we spent talking on the phone even not saying one words at each other. Running to pick up the phone and seeing it wasn't you calling had to be the most devastating thing ever to me.

When I open my eyes every moring, I miss you - It reminded me that I hadn't seen you or talked to you for how many hours I had been sleeping and I hated it cause evidently, being with you is more important tha sleep itself nowadays.

So you see, I am always desperately waiting when it comes to you.
I am desperately missing you.
Does that even make sense?
I miss you,
I miss your smile,
I miss your touch,
I miss your looks,
I miss your company,
I miss you...

I hate this,
hate not being with you.

x deez x
p/s: Agak2 boleh tak masa berhenti?
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