+ dance little sister +

Dance little sister,
Don't give up today,
Hang on till tomorrow,
Don't want to hear you leave....

x deez x
p/s: I need some loving
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+ word +

Blogging using WiFi W1Max...
That's all I can say (compared to the hype)
But it is okay.

I am happy as a bird...


I'll blog more when I could think of better and more clever thing to say!


x deez x

p/s: Adam Lambert should have won American Idol
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+ lol-ing +

You want to know what?
I had the strangest weirdest dream last night.
But is is a good strange dream. A great one.

I dreamnt that we got married!
For real!
That just show how much I want this.
I can't wait to be your wife that I am actually dreaming of it!
I know I have to be patient yet I am so excited.
I can' hardly wait.
It's near I know.
I am so so so ready for it.

I love you.

x deez x
p/s: just so you know, it's a beautiful wedding!!!
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+ blah +

I had a real shitty day today.
Do you even care?


Some way, somehow,
I know you do...
And it make me feel slightly better.

I'm sorry,
I'm just a little upset.

I love you, always.

x deez x
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+ run away +

Run away, run away now,
I'll attack,
Go chase yourself.

It's sinking,
I'm loosing control now,
I'll start to attack,
One can only handle so much right?

I am happy,
I promise you,
Thank you for making me stronger, braver. :)

Sing it with me,
I'll attack,
We'll attack,
You promises,
I promise you...
lalalalalala :)

Uh, oh,
Went to see X-Men origin,
Neh, wasn't much to bloat about when it come to the storyline,
I mean, the trilogy were much much interesting, wouldn't you say?
Anyhow, I only had one thing to be excited about! Well, one word actually.
DEADPOOL! a.k.a wade wilson...
I feel like letting out girly shreiking giggles when I thought of him.
I mean, how much macho-er (?) can you get?

i know! *drools*

*cough* yums *cough*

One could also never forget the unexpected addition to the story. The oh so cool and amazing Gambit! *sigh*

ok, that is just cool

So, for whomever that haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for? Have I not give you the most best 2 reasons to go? :D

I don't want to talk about anything else. I'm in a very good mood. Nothing else needed to be said.
Well, maybe to that certain someone,
I LOVE YOU, always. :)

x deez x
p/s: I'm drooling over them, but it's you I'm thinking about

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