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We know that life is no fairy tales,
They said we could never get what we wished for,
Every so often,
You might just be lucky,
And maybe, just maybe,
If you are patient and waited a little longer,
Your wish might just come true,
You get everything you ever wish for,
.. and some :)

I am very very happy.
You could practically see me beaming ears to ears.

Enough with the rambling, I just need to state that out.
What's up peep? :D
You don't know how writer's bock had been messing with my head lately, yet I will try to update on important things on this entry... I swear :D

- I am currently looking for a new job. The worst part of it is not knowing what to do. Sometimes I just feel like working on my own. No boss, no working period, just me archiving my goal. But yet again, I don't know what I would like to do. Ain't that just peachy? Anyhow, I am also very lazy when it comes to looking for job, I wish someone would just hand a job to me from the sky or something. I realy2 think that could happens. When we believe hard enough, a miracle bound to happen right? :D

- I had watched some numbers of movies lately, some at the cinema, some downloaded. Transformer; da bomb. Lots of the stuff doesn't make sense and kinda absurd yet I watched it twice. Bumblee BEE won my heart everytime. Plus, the action sequences were awesome.
Ice Age 3; I prefer the 1st one much much better and the 2nd one better. I don't know, something was missing, like most of the character had ost their sparks. But, kudos to Buckminster the weasel. HE ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!
Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince; Suckish. What more can I say. Where is the action? COME ON!
17 Again; Erm, when did Zack Efron get so...hurmmm... big?
So, to sum up, I had fun watching these movies to fill up my free time anyway. :D Everyone is a critic nowadays eh?

- I had been missing lil Renz Lyle and big Renz 1 a lot. I don't know why. But I need some sisterly love yo.

- Read a book; MAN AND BOy by Tony Parsons. Love the book, love the character, love the story. I cried and aughed at the same time reading it. Go hit 'em book pls.

- It had dawn to me now that mos of the time, I enjoy my own company much much more than any others (except for my hubby of course, but he is a totally different story). We all know I am a loner but I thought when I am bored it only normal for me to seek human companion right? Wrong. I would like for my free time to be accompanied by just MR. You Know who but no one else. I rather spend hours and hours alone even though boredome hit me like an avalanche. Weird right?

- I want to buy a new album. Doesn't matter what album, I just need updates on the music word. I am way behind *smirk*. Need some cash fast eh? :p

That's all I can think of as for right now. Somehow when you are too happy, words failed you.
Good night world. See you all soon :)

x deez x

p/s: i don't cry on the outside anymore
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