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We had a road trip over the past week. To Terengganu, visiting Renz number 1 and families and celebrating Hari Raya Haji as well. Though, it feels as if it's too long ago to write about that. However, I did have a good time and hopefully Mr. Hubby and my lil sis did as well. It was good to be away from the city for a while and remenise about the old time. Some memories that you though had been wiped out of your mind seemed to come back and things like that makes me smiles when I was there. Truth be told lots have changed but one thing that remained was the beaches. Sandy and beautiful as ever. You won't find that kind of beaches here. I think Mr. Hubby was enjoying himself with the water and beaches we went to. Some pictures just for fun.

* Mr. Hubby with Miss Lil Niece Princess *

* At the beach right behind our old house *

* Breathtaking ain't it? *

* At Cherating Beach right before we get back to KL *

That was it. It was short, it was sweet, and it was fun. Though through it all, I had the most fun playing with baby niece. Since I get back I had been missing her miserably. I wish the lil miss sunshine is with me right now :(

On the other hand, my parents are coming back on the 4th of December. Yay! Truth be told, I am missing them too. Missing arguing with my dad mostly. But till then, I am praying that this baby will stay in my stomach. I honestly don't have a clue on what to do if my own little princess come out earlier than that. Sye nak mak sye! So baby, tunggu nenek balik yer. It sound almost pathati but hey, having your first child is very nerve-wrecking. At least I need someone with the experienece to tell me what to do or what not to do. But, it had been days since the baby had been doing jumping jacks in the tummy and it is hurting. Yet, I think she will listen to her mommy to wait for the grandma to come back. Pretty please yea lil baby? :)

Other than that I don't have any more stories to tell. My days are filled with cleaning the house a bit, preparing for some baby stuffs, and pretty much lying on my side since the baby can't stop doing exercise in there. Oh, by the way, she had reached 3kg. 3 kg I tell ya! Booyah... my baby is healthy and I am happy about it. :) Hopefully she won't grow too much for the next 2 to 3 weeks before delivery or I might be scared shitless to bring her out to the world. Anyhow, I am determine to bring her out and can't wait!


Sekarang sye ada nukilan untuk suami sye.

Akhir2 ni banyak dugaan yang menimpa kite kan sayang? Makin dekat dengan baby ni nak keluar lagi banyak pulak masalahnye. Tapi, sye ikut cakap abang, semua ni dugaan Allah semata2 dan kita menerima dengan hati yang terbuka. Insyallah semua akan elok2 aje.

Tapi, ade satu pekara yang membebankan otak sye. Bile orang buat abang tak gembira, sampai abang kompress dan menitikan air mata. Hati sye rase amat2 la hiba. So, sye pun jadi geram dan sedih juga. Tapi kan sayang, tak pe, sye ada di sisi abang dan abang pun sebaliknya. Kita tempuhi dugaan ni sama2. Sye cuma nak abang tahu yang tak kire ape orang kate, siape pun mereka, sye tetap gembira sbb kita bersama. Sabar yer sayang, nanti lembutlah hati2 mereka. Kita teruskan hidup dengan tersenyum jer. Banyak2kan doa kpd yang Maha Esa. Tak lama lagi bila dah bertiga, mesti hidup kita lagi ceria! Abang senyum2 selalu yer? Kalau rase sedih lagi, cepat2 ingat sye! :)

I Love You sayang.


P/S: Nanti mak ayah terkejut tak tgk perut sye? :p

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