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Update yang bermalas-malasan.
Baby ada di sebelah, mata kuyu2, bermalas2an dengan si ibu, sebab hujan membuatkan udara sekeliling sejuk membeku. I like, baby pun like. Setelah berhari2 kepanasan, Alhamdulillah, rahmat Allah turun dalam bentuk hujan, kasi kita semua ketenangan. Syukur.

Diam tak diam dah nak masuk 4 bulan sye dan Mr. Hubby besarkan anak kami. Baby yang cipotet tu pun dah membesar hari ke hari. Tak terbayang la plak sayang dalam hati kam
i ni kan. If possible sayangnya bertambah setiap hari. Tapi, sye ade terpikir pulak, little baby kami cepat betul membesar. Nanti tak lama lagi, anak mama ni dah nak masuk tadika, then sekolah, pastu ke kolej, dan at the end, bina rumah tangga sendiri pulak - tinggalkan Mr. Hubby and me. Dah memang lumrah hidup macam tu kan. Dan sye tahu akhir nanti, keadaan akan kembali, Mama and Bapak will be alone lagi - berdua2 bak merpati dua sejoli. Haha, macam mana la rupa kita bila dah tua2 nanti kan sayang? Mesti sweet gila walaupun org lain maybe geli hati tgk org tua bercouple lagi. =P

Tapi, bila fikir2 lagi, baby ni membesar rapidly, terasa cam nak buat adik2 utuk baby tu lagi? *wink wink* Haha... anak ramai2 syok jugak nanti. However, bila pikirkan 9 bulan 10 hari dan peritnye nak berlabour lagi, sye gelak sendiri. Ada hati lagi ke, tak serik2 lagi? Serik tu tak la jawapan dalam hati, tapi nak hadapi semula... tunggu lah.... nanti... belum sedia lagi. Lagipun kesian baby, tak cukup kasih sayang plak kena bahagi2. Kalau tanya Mr. Hubby, memang OK je jwabnya kan sayang? '~_^ ____________________________________________________________________

We had been trying our best for our daughter. To raise her to be a good person, a bright one and a good Muslim. ~Saham kite di kemudian hari oii... sayang kalau tak jaga! Anyway, no amount of books can teach us how to be good parents. No information on the internet can give you the right answer on how to bring up a child. But in conclusion of your readings and guidance from peoples around us, we can try, try our best to educate this child, to bring her up the best way possible, to take care of her so that one day w
e can say proudly 'Yes, we raise that girl - she is our daughter'. And to be honest, even now, we are already proud to call her ours. =)

Best of all, we seek guidance from Allah S.W.T. to give us the strength, the ability and the wisdom to raise a good child. It is not easy, but we'll do it, I am quite sure of that.

I worries, as the Mom, I worries a lot. I worry about every little thing possible to mind. It is ridiculous the amount of worries that I do. But you could not blame me. I spend every waking and sleeping moment with this baby - our daughter. If anything goes wrong, I am partly to blame. The amount of blame would hugely goes to me. I must've
done something wrong. I failed. And I do not want that in my record, not while raising my children. I want to be my babies best friend, their trusted ~someone~, the person that they can lean on to in everything that they are facing in their lives.

Looking back, my parents had raised me well, I admit that. I had made some bad decisions but I turned out fine. My relationship with my parents specifically my mother can be described as OK - we had our ups and downs. I do not want that with my children. I do not want an OK relationship, I do not want a good re
lationship, I want a great relationship with my children. And all I can do is to always support my children in everything they do with boundaries set and firm guidance. With help from Mr. Hubby, I think we can achieve that and one day, our child will hopefully say proudly 'Yes, that's my parents - they're cool like that'.

With that said, however, I still had some upset thoughts at the back of my mind. It seemed like I had been neglecting Mr. Hubby since the baby was born. I know Mr. Hubby don't think so and I am not suppose to feel guilty about it, yet, I do, treme
ndously. The differences are clear.

I used to make breakfast and coffee before you go to work,
Now you go to work with an empty stomach and drank warm water.

I used to make lunch and dinner when I'm free,

Now you have to raid for meals from the pantry.

I used to prepa
re your clothes and necessities,
Now you wear what you can find from the laundries.

I used to wait up for you when you came back from work very lively,
Now I am either asleep, tired or changing the baby's pee.

I am truly sorry to be neglecting you Mr. Hubby. But, hold up, at least until our
babies are big enough to be independent, and I am back to the routines of being a good wifey. Remember, we are doing this to raise good and excellent human beings.


p/s: How many babies exactly you want sayang? [^-^]

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