+ Projek Jalan2 +

Tgk tajuk post sikit,

Projek Jalan2...

Kalau nak sedap lagi,

Tambah la,

Projek Makan2 jugak!

First of all,

I want to thank Mr. Hubby,

For entertaining me and little baby,

After working non-off day for almost a month and a half.

Thank you sayang, for everything you have done.

*kadang2 sye ni terlupa, terlupa pengorbanan abg segala, mintak maaf yer kadang2 sye ngada2*

Never had I thought that we could still go around, having fun, enjoying each others company even with little money. Who ever said that money is the mother of all happiness was obviously wrong. A quote from a wise man, as perfectly said by Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp; Happines is only real when shared.

And here I am, as happy as I can be.


Thanks for the memories.

*gelang Aisyah yang mama beli*

*chicken chop dinner anniversary kat look out point ` tq my dear hubby' *

*us at the park at Genting... seronok kan baby?* =P

*baby n daddy*

*makan2 bersama baby Qis n family*

*terselit gambar baby ngan botol ni*

*Mama n baby on top of Ampang Look Out Point ~weee *

*chantek tak sye mama?* =)

*gelak baby comel sekali*

*di hutan, di hutan kami pergi*


P/S : Hingga jumpa lagi!!!! =) Terima kasih dunia....
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+ Huish +

First of all,
A new look,
A header made by yours truly,
Just a simple one,
To beautify the look of our blog,
Might be a bit big for my own liking,
But do not have time to edit,
Lil baby already wake up from her beauty sleep. =)

* Kalian suka x rupa baru blog kami? *

Dalam cerita lain pulak,
Sye nak bermula,
Betul2 rase teruja,
Bnyk pulak idea,
Sye takut,
Takut risikonye,
Takut nanti rugi pule,
Hmmm, sebab ni duit kami berua,
Kalau takut,
Bila nak mula nye,

Sampai bila2 pun nanti tak berjaya.

Sila motivasikan diri sye!

Tolong semua!
Gambate Renny!
Go Go Fighting Renny!
Caiyok Renny!
Anda pasti berjaya,
Dengan keizinan-Nya,

Nak mulakan dengan melafazkan,
Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani,
Sye akan mula berdiri!


P/S: Ketaq lutut la plak... hihihi =P
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+ Clever +

Sye sedang sakit kepala,
Tapi nk menanti kepulangan Mr. Hubby tercinta,
Kesian dia,
Sehari suntuk bekerja...

First of all,
I would like to wish Happy Mother's Day to all mummies out there,
Mummy, Mama, Mak, Ibu, Bonda, Emak, Ma,
You are among the strongest person in the world,
Selamat Hari Ibu.

Buat emak sye,
Dan emak mertua sye,
Happy Mother's Day,
Terima kasih juga,
Sebab menyayangi sye seadanya.

And of course,
To me myself,
Happy Mother's Day!
Yay! I can add another celebration to my event list,
Because I am a mother,
A new one at that,
And I am loving the title! =)

It had dawned to me that I used to use beautiful language for my posts. I wrote good. Yet, I don't think I do anymore. Maybe it's the change of lifestyle, or maybe I am just getting plain boring, yet I think that suck. Hence, today entry will be my attempt to sound profoundly clever yet again *as if I ever was* '^-^

A friend asked me whether I regret the decision to not work. Especially during this time of economy condition. Another friend asked me how do we survive living in KL only with one spouse working. And my lecturer said that I could do so much and it is a waste of talent to not be working while I am still young. When people ask me questions, like these ones, I tend to overthink. And as the result, I would be restless for days think of the 'what if(s)'. One thing about 'what if' is that it will bug you. It will bug the hell out of you and will be at the back of your mind until you'll feel as if it's darn hard to think ~ bout everything and anything else. And when the 'what if' has started bugging you, you will doubt yourself. Partly because the questions bring negative thoughts and partly because you will feel troubled for other people are second-guessing your decisions. Because of that, I hate these questions, mind you and I would appreciate it if people would just have enough respect on a decision that obviously had been decided from thorough discussion between 2 peoples that are well aware of the topic which will hugely impact their lives - thank you.

However, to just justify myself, I am stating here clearly that NO, I do not regret the decision of not working, the decision of being a full time housewife, taking care of my child while my husband is working his butt off for this small family of us. The reasons are for me and my husband to know and for you to not stick your nose to. Heh.

I am well aware of the looks, of the thoughts, of the eye squinting of some people of this decision of ours. But, one day, and I mean one day very very long from now, the result will show and at that time, for those who said that I am not rational, that this decision is too much, I would say 'And you were saying what?' -Whaaaa?. At that time, I will be standing tall, with a smile on my face, with pride in my heart and thankfulness in every last bones in my body - no, not to rub it on your face, just to let people know that one should mind their own business. Dan hari2 sye berdoa kepada Allah yang Maha Esa, tabahkanlah hati kami, sesungguhnya Engkau lagi Maha Mengetahui, Insyallah.

And for my little girl,
If you are reading this when you are all grown up,
Prove them wrong baby!
Let them know that Mama and Bapak are right,
Because we do what we do out of love for you.
Thank you =)


P/S: Lega dpt luahkan perasaan hati! =P
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+ Dating +

Beberapa hari lepas, sye terfikir,
Rindu nak berdating...
Kite berdua...
Mcm dulu2...
Sedey =(

But then,
Pergi Masjid Jamek,
Mr. Hubby belanja...

Pergi Ikano,
Mr. Hubby ajak makan...

Dengan baby Aisyah,

Sye gumbira!
Sye bahagia!

*Doesn't take much to make me super happy ain't it? =P

Terima kasih Mr. Hubby
Sye sayang kamu!

Terima kasih baby Aisyah,
For being super nice,
Mama sayang kamu!

Lain kali,
Jom kite berdating lagi yer!


P/S: Sayang, lain kali don't forget to snap pictures k! =)
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