+ Projek Jalan2 +

Tgk tajuk post sikit,

Projek Jalan2...

Kalau nak sedap lagi,

Tambah la,

Projek Makan2 jugak!

First of all,

I want to thank Mr. Hubby,

For entertaining me and little baby,

After working non-off day for almost a month and a half.

Thank you sayang, for everything you have done.

*kadang2 sye ni terlupa, terlupa pengorbanan abg segala, mintak maaf yer kadang2 sye ngada2*

Never had I thought that we could still go around, having fun, enjoying each others company even with little money. Who ever said that money is the mother of all happiness was obviously wrong. A quote from a wise man, as perfectly said by Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp; Happines is only real when shared.

And here I am, as happy as I can be.


Thanks for the memories.

*gelang Aisyah yang mama beli*

*chicken chop dinner anniversary kat look out point ` tq my dear hubby' *

*us at the park at Genting... seronok kan baby?* =P

*baby n daddy*

*makan2 bersama baby Qis n family*

*terselit gambar baby ngan botol ni*

*Mama n baby on top of Ampang Look Out Point ~weee *

*chantek tak sye mama?* =)

*gelak baby comel sekali*

*di hutan, di hutan kami pergi*


P/S : Hingga jumpa lagi!!!! =) Terima kasih dunia....
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