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Hey all...

After six month of existence, my little baby had her first fever today. I mean, she had had mild fever before, some with flu and coughing, but it was never bad. Not 38 degree Celsius bad. I was a mess, when I checked that her tempreature was 37.8, I started panicking. I heard stories, bout how high fever could affected little babies; and I do not want anything like that happen to my child. We went to see the doctor and she said that because she wasn't vomiting and breast feeding normally, we need not to worry. She prescribed some fever meds and when we got home, her fever seemed to already went down. I gave her 2 cold baths and now, at 8:30pm, she is sleeping soundly *along with bapak at her side* =P. Alhamdulillah.

Oh, and I asked the doc if cool fever is safe to be used during the day *despite all the stories i heard = panas msk dlm la, angin msk ubun2 la, mendalah tu sedut air dlm bdn la*; and she said it's perfectly fine. *Kejadah tol citer2 org ni* Hence, meet mama's new best friend;

Actually, there's a lot of kind, just happen that we hare this one in hand.

And here are some pictures of my sick little one. Poor baby still seemed energetic anyhow.

Note that she had her dad's shirt with her - seronok sgt ada bau bapak =P

Good sleep after taking the meds

A day before - chantik kan? mcm amik pic sendiri pun ada =)

Hopefully, she will fully recover by tomorrow. Sunday is Mr. Hubby's day off. Kesian kalau baby tak sihat lagi.

It seemed to me that my baby is loosing weight.
What do you guys think?


P/S: Cepat2 sihat yer my baby. Harap2 baby tido sampai pagi, she is still sleeping soundly!

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