+ Of Husband and Orchid +

I have been busy.
*nak try cari duit - doakan kami ye*

I would love to tell a story.

A husband will bring home a bouquet of flower (ie: roses, carnations, tulips, etc.) for his wife.
My husband, oh my dear handsome lovely husband instead, brought me these :

White orchids!
Aren't they lovely?
I am not much of a flower girl, but these; these are beautiful, lovely, and sweet as candy!
Plus, it was Mr. Hubby gifts for me, so I love it to death!

And when I wake up and see these flower blooming oh so brightly, it put a smile on my face, and make my days.
Thank you Encik!

Hurm, the trouble is, I have the slightest idea on how to care for orchids.
Heh, better start looking how on the web =)

And lil baby have some fun with the flowers too!

Precious! =)

Till next time, adios peeps!


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