+ September ends +

Msih ingatkah akan lagu itu?
Wake me up when September ends.
Pernah kan satu ketik lagu itu berkumandang dengan jayanya di corong radio di seluruh Malaysia.
Rasa mcm dah berabad lamanye. Hehe. Nostalgia jugak bile diingat2kn. Dulu, sye perminat setia lagu2 rock yang sengakatan denganye. Tapi, sekarang, nak dengar radio pun tak berapa nak ade masa. Tambahan, dengan ade anak ni, sye dah dibimbing oleh Mr. Hubby tercinta utk mengajar anak lebih kepada kerohaniannya. So, lagu2 mcm ni yg sebenar2nye melalaikan tak elok nk kasi anak pasang telinga. Bagi dia dgr org mengaji Quran lagi banyak faedah. Dan sye sebagai seorang ibu, nak jadi seorang ibu yang berjaya - moga2 anak kami jadi anak yg solehah dan kuat imannya. Amin. =)

Eh, ape kene mengena2?
Hakak pun tak tau! =P

Hihi... bernostalgic sekali sekala.
Ok... on to the story in hand.
Sye dah berjanji kan.. nak cerita pasal kami berjalan2 di Melaka.
From this point on, kita berbahasa Inggeris pule! =P

Well, since I was pregnant, with the baby in my belly, I had been asking Mr. Hubby to go visit Melaka (Malacca - ini kan bumi Malaysia, so sye aka eja Melaka aje!). I do not know why, but at that time, I really2 feel the urge to visit that Bandaraya Bersejarah. However, due to the circumstances, we never really get around to visit Melaka. Since Mr. Hubby did not get any Eid holiday, last week, he finally got a 3 days off from work. Phew... and after much long wait, my dream to go to Melaka finally came true! *smiles* I think it is better this way, visiting places with little baby around is sooo much fun!

Mostly we spent the day visiting museums. We took a ride on the boat, cruising along the river of Melaka, viewing the city from a new way and also we took the infamous Melaka Taming Sari - which is a tower bringing you up to 80 meters high where for 7 minutes, you can enjoy the panoramic view from above the city. It was a wonderful way to end our day, as for it give you this wholesome feeling of what Melaka is all about. Though, I think RM20 for a 7 minutes ride is kind of a rip-off! I mean, come on, it's Melaka - it's tiny! But, since Mr. Hubby is kind enough, I had no complaint! =)
Though my dream to go to Jonker Walk was demolished when they said it's only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sigh, no worries, maybe next time eh?

Anyway, to keep talking about it will be a 7 pages post, so I will keep things to myself. But, I would like to state here that I was joyed. It was a fantastic trip! and my lil 9 months baby is a gem. She didn't cry, she didn't whine, she didn't act up. Despite the heat, despite  sweating furiously, despite having difficulty to breastfeed; she was being super sporting about everything.She seemed super HAPPY! And that had made that trip thousand times fun-er (?). Thank you sayang. This will encourage mama and bapak to bring youout for trips more often. 

To Mr. Hubby,
Thank you very much for the trip. Thank you for being the best husband one could ever wished for and thank you for being an excellent father to our child. I love you so. Thank you for layankan my kerenah. Thank you. No thank you could be enough. I love youuuuu my superman! =)

Thanks for the memories. *wink wink - how I miss FOB* =P

 Figurines seemed real *shudders*
 *kincir angin!*
*bapak, kincir angin, dan payungnya!* =)
 *Melaka 80mtrs above sea level* - betulkah? =P
 *the most visited interesting spot at the town*
 *excited kah baby ini naik bot? - tak pun!*
 *lebih excited berdiri*
 *muzium in sye punya! muahahaha*
 *if you look real closely, you could see paintings of historical events all over the buildings*
 *sweating baby at Menara Taming Sari*
 *look at that smile* - melt
*baby n mama are happy*

That's all for now. Baby dah start merengek, mintak dipeluk dan dibelai. Oklah, kerja sye menanti. Full time mommy lah katakan! Semog berjumpa lagi!


P/S: oh ya, perkataakn kegemaran baby di ketika ini ; baaapak! dan ae-sah (aisyah) *kot*? =P Alhamdulillah


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