❤ Another Year, Another Birthday ❤

It's Mr. Hubby Birthday today!
28 years old =)
Tapi bak kata Encik Hubby sendiri, lelaki ni makin tua market makin naik.
Ye kah? =P

I feel guilty for starting the day like it was. I am such a drama queen sometimes '*_*
Well, maybe most of the time.
But, lets put that behind.
I want to wish Mr. Hubby a very Happy Birthday.
And like usual, I LOVE YOU; always, forever. =)

I had planned, a lengthy sentimental romantic birthday wish for you. Yet, it doesn't feel appropriate anymore. Hence, I made something cute just for you! Enjoy!

My beloved man, you are as sweet as the above picture could be!
Thank you, for simply being mine.

Mr. Hubby's Wife =P

P/S: Sweet tak gambar tu? Hihi... Much sorry!!


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