❤ Birthday Planning ❤

Good Night everyone.

Hope you all are having a very happy joyous weekend.

See the picture above?
Well, now fill in the blank.
You know election time is drawing near when_________________.
when, these yellow tractors are EVERYWHERE; fixing you roads up for you!
*eye rolls*
You know it's true. =P

I was browsing through the web, looking for some inspiration on what to make for my baby 1st birthday. I have decided not to throw a big giant party. Yes, you are only 1 years old once, but, I don't think she will remember much. So, instead of planning a big tiring get together, lets just stay home, eat some cakes and other cute foods mama will prepare, open some presents and later on go take some pictures marking your 1 year existence in this world. The thing is that I haven't decide whether to do a studio portrait of her or an outdoor photo shoot of us together. Both sounds like sooooo much fun, thus, I need to ponder more. =)

Anyway, again, as i was browsing through the web, I found a very amazing website. This website here. Cute! Kawaii! Everything are just so cute, I feel like crying. Haha, tak masuk akal kan? Cute sampai nak nangis? Tapi, memang, betul, semua cute2 yg teramat. So, sye dapat sedikit sumber inspirasi. Gambar2 kat bawah ni, mungkin akan muncul di hari lahir anak sye nanti!

 Rabbit yg berseimut tu plg comel sekali
 Cancer free handphone anyone?
 Cuppies in cups! Brilliant!
 Jom ajar anak2 makan mancis! Pfttt! Haha
 Elmo on a stick?!! Walaweh!
 Tiny, tiny melons.
Mcm nak simpan dlm kocek je biskut comel camni!

Harapannye lah. Jadi atau tak, tu lain kira. Janji semangat tu ada. =)
Tapi, kalau comel mcm ni, sanggup ke nak makan nanti?

Oh, sebelum sye terlupa, Salam Tahun Baru Maal Hijrah pada umat Islam semua.
Jom kita sama2 cuba memajukan diri kita.


P/S: Sayangku, tahun ni jom kita berusaha lebih kuat lagi!!!! =)


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