❤ Birthday! ❤

I turned 27 on the 30th Oct.
Wow! Really?! 27? I don't believe it!
Part of me feel ancient but part of me keep whispering that I've grown. What's different this year compared to the past; for the first time in my life I feel like an adult. Yes, you read it right, A-D-U-L-T! Never had I ever feel like one but this year, I do. Maybe it's the fact that I am a mother now, maybe it's a side effect of really growing old, or maybe I just think so because I am dead tired most of the time. But nonetheless, it is a change. A nice kind of change. I felt as if this year I have archive something. For once in my life I am sorted, I am calm, I am my own self. Others are destined to do good thing, I am destined to be the best great thing; a mother. Mother, and proud of it. *quoted from the X-Men First Class movie!* Hah! =P
I am capable of running a house, taking care of a child, taking care of a husband, and everything in beetween without going insane. I AM AWESOME - when else do you have the right to brag about yourself if not on your birthday right? 
Anyway, with that said, actually, most of all, I am thankful, thankful to God for giving me to live another year - wiser, happier and if not weirder. But, I shall not stop learning for there is so much more I need to do and to learn. And I seek forgiveness to The Almighty for all my wrong doing throughout my 27 years of life. May the time ahead will be blessed. Thank you Allah, Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Tak seronok la kalau cerita Birthday tanpa cerita hadiah birthday kan?
Tahun ni En. Hubby bawak sye makan2 malam kat Look Out Point. Tempat ni will always forever have a special place in our heart. Bukan tempat yang kami pergi makan tu, tempat Look Out Point tu. Kenapa? Sebab, kat situ, tempat tu - hidup kami bermula. 
Anyway, dalam bulan lepas En. Hubby dah beli Groupon, makan dekat salah satu restaurant kat Look Out Point tu; Cloud Nine Restaurant. Berbanding dengan restaurant yang kami biasa kat atas sana, restaurant ni punye ambiance takla best sgt. Sebab dia dekat hujung2, tak nampak chantek sgt view KL tu. Tapi, bolehlah, makanan dia pun kira OK jugak. Pelahap punya pasal, sebab lapar sehari tak makan konon tunggu dinner special, sye lupa trus nak snp2 gambar. Apelah kau ni Ren, pelahap tahap x tahan! Hihi. Sudahnya, takde sekeping pun gambar. Salah satu sebab pun anak tak berapa nak seronon kat situ malam tu; mood takde plus music yg dierang pasang teramatlah kuat. Kalau kita yang besar ni pun ada rasa sikit rimas, apekan pulak la si bayi kecil yg memerlukan ketenangan di waktu malam kan? So, sye just ada bill je untuk ditunjuk. Tapi, don't worry, sye ada cari website restaurant tu, gatal jugak nak tunjuk gambar! Hihi.

 Introducing Cloud Nine Restaurant
 Kat meja ni la kami duduk
 Cream of mushroom soup - mcm instant Kimball's jer
 Salad for appertizer
 Lamb Shank Sizzling for Encik Hubby
 Sirloin Steak for me + baby
Haa, tengok harga, murah x? Semua food RM0.00. Magic? Free? Tidak sama sekali. Itulah keajaiban guna Groupon ni! Rasa syok, walaupun sebenarnye dah bayar in advance, tapi terasa cam makan free. Tapi not bad la, quite OK mengenangkan Groupon tu kami beli for RM 39 (for 2 person). Kalau tak Lamb Shank tu je dah harga RM32 tak silap sye. So, memang jimatlah!

Ok lah.
That's all for now. I had forgotten to post about our recent trip to Taiping and Penang. 1st time for the baby. And first time sye naik ferry! Will post on that the next time Insyaallah.


P/S: Thanks to Encik Suami yang tak henti2 menggembirakan hati ini. Kalaupun encik rasa still x cukup lagi, to me, you are my perfect gift - always, forever. =)


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